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Robbie, Mary, Bosco and cups...The Late Late Toy Show 2013 as it happened

It’s beginning to look a lot like…

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WELL, THAT WAS emotional.

From Domhnaill meeting his hero Robbie Keane, to Bosco and the Fisher Price record player, to the Cup Song, to gorgeous Mary and her winning smile, it’s fair to say Toy Show 2013 was a success.

New PJs were put on, fires were lit, Roses tin opened, and special dispensation was given for the chisellers to stay up late.

Catch up now with all the goings on, and tell us your favourite moment in the comment section…

We couldn’t wait any longer… Liveblog is GO. And we’ve got our first backstage glimpse. OUR NERVES!


Tub’s missus and noted braniac Aoibhinn Ní Shúilleabháin obviously has the inside scoop on what to expect in the opening minutes, the tease…


We were promised a Mary Poppins opening, and here it is.

Listen to Tubs singing, he’s like a lark!

Next up we have two more toy testers. They’ve gone off script. WE REPEAT, THEY’VE GONE OFF SCRIPT.

Next toy tester Tom is a farm expert. He doesn’t live on a farm, he collects them.

He’s showing Tubs cattle and bales and slurry pits and fences.

We can’t help but be reminded of…

tumblr_liqmefh0IS1qcq1g8o1_400 Source: Tumblr

Tom is a mini Tubs. He likes Gary Cooper and John Wayne and history and Bonanza.


Fergal got to do one of the best bits! The be-wheeled toys.

Did you see the scooter that went rogue? DRINK



Ryan’s just been kicking us right in the childhood with loads of retro toys, and then Bosco pops up!

AND they took a selfie together. It’s too much.


Well, Domhnaill has just been waxing lyrical about how much he loves Robbie Keane, and who walks in only ROBBIE KEANE!


You must be all nearly sinking into the couch at this stage, are you?

Julia Gelezova’s been in touch. She’s watching with Todd:


Award for the darling of the night goes to Mary, diagnosed with leukemia, but with an energetic audition tape that would put us to shame.



Pah, no they’re not. It’s just cardboard cutouts.


But we ARE enjoying the way it looks like Tubs is a member of One Direction in this pic… if you tilt your head and squint a bit:


Julia from earlier has been in touch again. She didn’t feel like she did Todd justice with the first picture, so here’s another shot of the handsome divil:

Processed with VSCOcam with lv01 preset

Books section up now, one of our favourites.

They’re talking old school books as well as newer titles, including Roald Dahl and Enid Blyton.

What was your favourite Dahl book? We’re big George’s Marvellous Medicine fans here. And the BFG of course.

2 Source: Empireonline


09-26-2011-BFG Source: Geeksofdoom

Aw no, it’s over! Just like that. We are emotional wrecks after the Robbie Keane surprise, Mary on the trampoline, the Fisher Price Record Player and Bosco.

And Ryan’s dancing. Oh, the dancing.

Well, that’s it over for another year.

Thanks everyone for getting involved here and on Twitter and Facebook, and big waves and hugs to those who got in touch from across the seas.

A very happy Christmas season to you all.

We’ll leave the last word to Nora:



Source: RhinoUK


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