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Stunning pictures of cloud formations over the east of Ireland

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Mar 17th 2014, 2:57 PM 31,456 27

NO, THESE WEREN’T flying saucers or strange messages from another planet appearing in the skies in the east and south east of the country yesterday.

They’re lenticular cloud formations, which according to are formed when moist air forced into higher altitudes over mountains by strong winds condenses and then becomes trapped in a pocket of calm air on the other side of the mountain.

This formation was spotted in Dublin early this morning:

03726-image1395016646 Source: Pa Scully

Meanwhile Donal Buckley captured this image above a commercial daffodil field outside Portlaw in Waterford.

The Colours of Home (for Rosiebondi) Source: LoneSwimmer/Flickr/Donal Buckley©

Image reproduced with permission of Donal Buckly via

And Killian Fitzpatrick snapped this in Sandyford on Saturday evening:

clou Source: Killian Fitzpatrick

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