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9 life lessons taken from childhood video games

As the world says goodbye to Hiroshi Yamauchi, what did his creations teach us?
Sep 20th 2013, 1:00 PM 11,286 21

LAST NIGHT, THE creator of Nintendo, Hiroshi Yamauchi died at the age of 85.

His creations played a large role in many of our lives, along with lots of other video games.

Aside from providing you with hours of fun (and a few arguments with your siblings), video games also offered you the opportunity to learn a few things.

Here are nine life lessons taken from childhood video games.

Character is important

player Source: Moby Games

You can make up for lost time

super-mario-kart-snes Source: Geek

Eating vegetables makes you big and strong

Mushroom-Wallpaper-super-mario-bros-5431067-1024-1024 Source: Brackateers

And makes you live longer

3Dshroom Source: Greybob

Things are better when you work together

working together Source: Imgur

What goes around, comes around


mario kart

An outfit change is sometimes all you need

outfits Source: Split Reason

If you persevere you can eventually beat almost anything

mario Source: Imgur

Don’t be afraid of the unknown

unknown Source: Imgur


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