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'There's no ruling on marriage equality' - BAI denies censorship claims
The authority says that there is no automatic requirement to balance a discussion.
# privacy and dignity
LGBT asylum-seekers cannot produce 'sex tapes' as evidence
An EU court also ruled authorities can’t ask questions that violate privacy or dignity.
# dogma
"God's Plan for Marriage" is being distributed to 1,300 parishes ahead of referendum
The Irish Catholic Bishops’ Conference says it would be a ‘grave injustice’ if same-sex marriage became a reality.
# on the buses
Gay couple claim they were threatened by bus driver for kissing
‘[I]t’s my bus it is my rules and I don’t want to watch that, it’s disgusting, get off the bus.’
# Bills Bills Bills
New bill will "recognise different family forms"
The revised general scheme of the Children and Family Relationships Bill was published today.
Galway senator responds to criticism after branding SVP donations to gay rights groups "unwise"
The comments come in relation to Saint Vincent de Paul approving funding to be given to a Galway-based LGBT group.
# LGBT Rights
Thousands expected to turn out for same-sex marriage rally in Dublin
Organisers say they’re expecting a boost in numbers in the wake of the referendum announcement and the Pantigate controversy…
# LGBT Rights
“I’m disappointed”: Boston Mayor confirms parade pull-out, as talks with organisers fail
Activists have welcomed his decision, saying “no other group is asked to march without a banner and their standard – not the police, firefighters, or the Irish”.
# right to march
Boston mayor is negotiating but will only march if St Patrick's parade is "inclusive"
Martin Walsh says that he has met with the parade organisers and emphasised to them that Irish people have been oppressed throughout history.
# off script
‘Script issue’ to blame for Sinn Féin’s last minute pull-out from cross-party LGBT video
Averil Power of Fianna Fáil was aiming to organise an ‘all party’ video message on the issue of LGBT rights and St. Patrick’s Day…
# History
Jason Collins becomes the first openly gay active player in the NBA
The Brooklyn Nets signed Collins to a 10-day contract this evening.
# over to you
In Your Words: Being a gay teenager in Ireland
Homophobia can be expressed overtly – but it can also be casual, insidious and suffocating. Here, six teenagers tell their stories.
# LGBT Rights
Dublin Pride organisers invite New York Mayor to take part in annual march
Bill de Blasio’s not taking part in city’s Fifth Avenue St Patrick’s Day parade due to the organisers’ ban on pro gay-rights messages.
# LGBT Rights
Gilmore "deeply concerned" over Nigerian homosexuality law
The Tánaiste says Ireland is “completely opposed to discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation”.
Column: The struggle for human rights in Russia won’t end with the Winter Olympics
The abuse of minorities and their defenders in Russia affects gay people but also Roma, immigrant workers and other ethnic communities. Let’s not forget about them, writes Stefania Kulaeva.
# LGBT Rights
'When you boycott, you’re just ignored': Varadkar at odds with Burton's stance on NYC parade
Leo Varadkar is at odds with Cabinet colleague Joan Burton over whether or not ministers should attend the New York St Patrick’s Day next month.
# by george
Landmark Dublin bar boycotts Coca-Cola over Sochi Olympics sponsorship
The George will stop selling the soft drink for the duration of the Games.
# st panti's day parade
Panti Bliss for St. Patrick's Day parade? It's looking "unlikely"
Orgainsers have said that the process to select the Grand Marshal is “well underway and has started a while back”.
# Winter Olympics
Gay rights student protest takes place at Russian Embassy in Dublin
Last year, Russia banned the promotion and providing of information on homosexuality to under 18-year-olds.
# Equality
"Homophobia must not be tolerated in Europe any more" - EU votes to protect LGBTI rights
The EU parliament has proposed a plan to fight discrimination but member states’ laws will be respected.
Column: Living for love, dying because of hate – the rising tide of homophobia in Africa
Jean-Claude Roger Mbebe died an untimely death last week, after his family allegedly prevented him from receiving necessary medical treatment. He had been previously been convicted of “homosexuality and attempted homosexuality” and imprisoned.
# Interview
Irish athlete Ciarán O’Lionáird backs LGBT protests at Winter Olympics
In an interview with Off the Ball, the 25-year-old encouraged the sports world to stand up to Russia’s anti-gay laws.
# intersex
Germany to allow new babies be neither male nor female
Parents now have the choice to leave the gender entry blank on birth certs but intersex groups are pushing for a third gender option to be included.
# LGBT Rights
Dublin business owner in storm over gay cake-topper row
Paul Barnes has said his store, Daintree Paper, “does not stock any merchandise that promotes same-sex marriage”.
Column: If you care about other people, don't ignore Russia's targeting of LGBT rights
I was guilty of a blase attitude about gay rights in other countries – until I realised the extent of the discrimination taking place in Russia, writes Kristine Allen.
# LGBT Rights
Journalist confronts Russian TV hosts over 'anti-gay laws'
James Kirchick was on the Russia Today to speak about Bradly Manning’s but instead labelled the channel a “Kremlin funded propaganda network”.
# March for Marriage
Thousands turn out at marriage equality march in Dublin
The organisers of the event said they will also be highlighting human rights issues faced by LGBT people in Russia.
# Cooling Off
Obama cancels Putin summit, says Russia displaying a new "Cold War" mentality
Washington has called off a one-on-one meeting between the two leaders, which had been due to take place on the fringes of next month’s G20 summit.
# LGBT Rights
Stephen Fry compares Putin to Hitler, calls for Olympics to be moved from Russia
The author, comedian and activist says Russia should be stripped of its right to hold the games over its passing of anti-LGBT laws, which criminalise those who engage in “gay propaganda”.
# dublin pride
Photos: Thousands take to the streets for Pride parade
It’s the 30th anniversary of the Dublin Pride parade.
Column: There is a glass ceiling of homophobia in Irish sport
Social inclusion and sport go hand-in-hand – but, within Irish games, there remains two distinct playing fields: one for LGBT people and one for straight people. The time has come to change this, writes Phil Prendergast MEP.
# House Of Commons
Cameron needs opposition's help as gay marriage vote is passed
The House of Commons has held its last vote on gay marriage in England and Wales, amid a Conservative revolt.
# hate crime
Horrific murder fuels fears of rising homophobia in Russia
The Russian authorities have been accused of stoking violent attitudes towards gay people following the torture and murder of a young gay man.
# Marriage
Church stance on gay marriage could force Catholics to have two weddings
Catholic Bishops say they won’t recognise Ireland’s civil marriage system if it permits same-sex couples to wed.
# Marriage
Labour publishes draft law to allow same-sex civil marriage
Ivana Bacik and by-election candidate Eoin Holmes publish a bill which removes the same-sex ban on civil marriages.
# Adoption
European court rules woman can adopt lesbian partner's child
The landmark ECtHR ruling found that a person cannot be forced to give up their child before an adoption by someone of the same sex.
# Gay Marriage
Creighton can't predict outcome of referendum on gay marriage
The EU Affairs minister tells the BBC she expects a referendum soon, but “genuinely” can’t predict whether it would pass.
# Russia
Russian parliament approves bill that could outlaw gay kissing
The Bill was only opposed by one MP out of 450, and could lead to fines for any gay demonstrations in public.
# Vatican
Gay rights activists protest at Pope's Sunday morning prayer
Demonstrators held placards condemning homophobia after Pope Benedict said same-sex unions “destabilise marriage”.
# anti-gay bill
Labour LGBT: Ugandan 'kill the gays' bill must be stopped
Fears have been raised over Uganda vowing to pass an extreme homophobic law that includes a provision prescribing the death penalty for gay people.