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Martin Scorsese makes virtual appearance as Liam Neeson film scoops top award at the IFTAs
Black ’47, Rialto and Black Mirror were also among the awards at the IFTAs last night.
Fear about 'cancel culture', plus how to cope with seeing a former close friend around - it's Dear Fifi
It’s Dear Fifi, back at it again.
There have been many awful takes on the Liam Neeson situation, but Michelle Rodriguez's might just be the worst
The actress said that there’s no way Neeson is racist, as he has kissed a black woman before.
Poll: Do you think Liam Neeson's career will be hurt by his recent comments?
A Sky News poll showed that 74% of people felt his comments would make no difference to how likely they were to watch his films.
Red carpet event for Liam Neeson's latest film cancelled amid racism row
Neeson said he once walked the streets hunting for a black person to kill after his close friend was raped.
Liam Neeson says he's 'not racist' after receiving backlash over controversial interview
Neeson said he once walked the streets hunting for a black person to kill after his close friend was raped.
Liam Neeson insisting that a horse recognised him on set is the greatest celeb news story of 2018
Maybe he did actually remember him.
Liam Neeson personally hired a waffle truck for the crew of a movie he's filming in Northern Ireland
We do not deserve Liam Neeson.
9 ridiculous solutions to the Irish border problem
What about sacrificing Liam Neeson to the border gods?
Toner back up Schmidt's pecking order thanks to his 'particular set of skills'
The stalwart of Ireland’s second row echoed Bryan Mills as he prepares to get to grips with Scotland.
The Michael Collins movie was on last night and people had some opinions on his and Kitty's relationship
“Oh yeah, so he has time to start a revolution but I can’t get my big fella to text me back?”
Liam Neeson on 'fantastic' Leo Varadkar, Brexit and doing fight scenes aged 65
The Ballymena-born actor talked to us as his new film The Commuter was released in Ireland.
Not everybody was impressed with Liam Neeson's comments about #MeToo on the Late Late Show
People need to stop referring to this whole thing as a “witch hunt”.
Liam Neeson says there's a 'witch hunt' in Hollywood over harassment allegations
The actor said that he was “on the fence” about allegations against Dustin Hoffman, but added that the movement was “healthy”.
Poll: What's your favourite Liam Neeson film character?
Give it to us straight. Be honest.
Liam Neeson to receive presidential award and appear on Late Late tonight
He is to be honoured for his acting as well as his charity work.
Liam Neeson addressed the gender wage gap in the most Liam Neeson way possible
“I will find your disparity. And I will kill your disparity.”
Liam Neeson was a typical da when talking about his Kindle on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert
Liam Neeson is REALLY chuffed that he finally discovered what a Kindle is.
People are having serious craic with the title of Liam Neeson's new film 'The Commuter'
President Higgins to give Liam Neeson award for using very particular set of skills to represent Ireland
The actor is one of those chosen to receive the Presidential Distinguished Service Awards for the Irish Abroad for 2017.
18 observations every Irish person makes when they're watching Michael Collins
“Jonathan Rhys Meyers you little shit”
A café put up a sign saying 'Liam Neeson eats here for free', so he showed up
Did he eat in, or TAKEN it away? Sorry.
10 celebrity couples you probably forgot were a thing
They get around, these Hollywood types.
'We're ready to create something unforgettable': Liam Neeson video launches World Cup bid
Decision on World Cup hosts due in November 2017.
"They want to be doctors, lawyers and engineers to rebuild Syria" - Liam Neeson meets refugee children
“It is incredibly inspiring to see how education so empowers them. I will never forget them.”
Liam Neeson picks up lifetime achievement award as Room wins big at the IFTAs
The actor has been honoured for his thirty years in cinema.
14 very Irish tweets about Michael Collins last night
The whole country was watching.
Watch: Liam Neeson backs Antrim side Ruairí Óg for All-Ireland glory
The Ballymena native and Hollywood superstar is hoping his Cushendall neighbours can secure a first title in Croke Park tomorrow.
Liam Neeson says he was 'just joking' about having a famous girlfriend... it's The Dredge
All the best of the day’s celebrity filth.
Liam Neeson's school just shared an old photo of him on the hurling team
“But what I do have are a very particular set of skills…”
Seth MacFarlane did an impression of Liam Neeson and it was flawless
Liam Neeson to use his very particular set of skills to narrate 1916 doc
The series will be aired on RTÉ as well as the BBC.
Here, let Liam Neeson read you a lovely bedtime story
“No more monkeys jumping on the bed.”
Not quite in the Paddy's Day mood? This Liam Neeson-narrated clip might change your mind
Look at all that lovely green greenery…
Watch this dreamy ode to St. Patrick's Day, narrated by Liam Neeson
The world is going green, just for us.
Lindsay Lohan was caught red-handed trying to Photoshop her arse... it's The Dredge
All the best of the day’s celebrity filth.
The 8 best celebrity cameos from last night's Super Bowl commercials
Oh, hello Liam Neeson. Bryan Cranston, is that you? Wait, MATT DAMON?
Gun maker to boycott Liam Neeson after his curse-filled anti-gun tirade
The Taken star said private gun owership in the US is a “f***ing disgrace”.
Liam Neeson excellently prank called Maggie Grace's useless ex-boyfriend
This speech never gets old. NEVER.
Here are the most scathing quotes from the Taken 3 reviews
Nothing is taken “other than arguably the biscuit”.