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# Life on Mars

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# Life on Mars
Nasa is sending a helicopter that weighs less than 2kg to Mars
The helicopter is being sent as part of the Mars 2020 mission.
# Life on Mars
Made of 'tuff' stuff: Why this new island that rose from the ashes in Tonga is here to stay
Nasa scientists say that examining the way the island sprung up could shed light on if there’s any life on Mars.
# aliens
Nasa isn't ruling out 'methane burps' as evidence of life on Mars
However, it could also mean that life once existed. It could also disappointingly be from another source.
# Life on Mars
NASA aims to produce oxygen on Mars with 2020 rover experiment
As part of experiments carried out by NASA’s Mars 2020 rover, researchers will look at whether Martian air could be converted for astronauts to breathe.
# cobbler bob
Lego sketch sees David Bowie living 'The Good Life on Mars'
He wants to kill off Ziggy Stardust!
# Red Planet
Life on Mars? Not looking likely, says new NASA study
New findings from NASA’s Curiosity rover found only tiny amounts of methane gas in the atmosphere, making it unlikely that there was life on Mars.
# Mars
Aging Mars rover makes new water discoveries
The unmanned solar-powered vehicle has just analysed what may be its oldest rock ever, known as Esperance 6, which contains evidence that potentially life-supporting water once flowed in abundance.
# Curiosity
Life on Mars: it was possible
Nasa Curiosity Rover, which is living on the Red Planet, has taken samples of rock for analysis by scientists back home.
# Starman
Will new Bowie album "knock Taylor feckin Swift off the top of the charts"?
David Bowie has released a surprise new single overnight, with an album coming in March.
# Mars
Mars Watch: Tonight's your chance to see the red planet
Giant telescopes set up around country for public to use.
# Red Planet
Scientists find evidence of ancient ocean on Mars
A two-year investigation by a European Space Agency probe has found strong new evidence to show there was once an ocean on the red planet.
# Life on Mars
Mystery Moroccan rocks 'fell from Mars', say scientists
Chunks of meteorite found in Morocco in December, thought to have fallen in July, came from Mars millions of years ago.
# Life on Mars
Watch: NASA's rover blasts into space in search of 'life on Mars'
The Curiosity rover is costing NASA billions but it is hoped it can discover new facts about the red planet.
# Life on Mars
Was there ever life on Mars? Nasa set to launch new mission
Tomorrow’s launch sends the Curiosity rover on the start of its eight-month voyage to Mars, where it will examine the soil for signs of life.
# Life on Mars
NASA discovers evidence of water on Mars
Is there life on Mars? Perhaps, say NASA, as evidence of water has been found.
# Hugo
Chavez says capitalism may have destroyed life on Mars
Venezuela’s socialist president also warned that the West was trying to plunder Libya’s natural resources.