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Irish Rail accused of 'just not caring' as scale of lift problems at train stations revealed
Over the last two years there have been multiple instances of lifts being out of order for more than 20 consecutive days.
Broken lifts at Dart stations 'getting worse', warn disability activists
Several lifts were out of order at Dart stations this morning. Irish Rail said it was working to get them fixed.
Out-of-order lifts and communication breakdowns: Why taking the DART can be a hugely frustrating experience for wheelchair users
Recent issues with lifts not working have left many wheelchair users unable to access certain stations.
'We aren't considered important': Wheelchair users dismayed over continued lift breakdowns on train line
‘If people were treated the same way because of their skin colour or religion, the country would shut down.’
Poll: Do you talk to strangers in lifts?
Give it to us straight. Be honest.
Do you ever actually *enjoy* chatting to strangers in lifts?
You might wanna send this around your office.
Enda Kenny and two ministers got stuck in a lift today
He got out pretty quickly, though,
Want a free lift on us in Dublin this Thursday?
Find out how to get your little pick-me-up.
Horrifying video shows lift malfunction that sent man up 30 floors in 15 seconds
Anyone with a fear of lifts, look away now.
This Dublin office isn't taking any chances when it comes to Solange
Looking out for each other.
HSA calls for rigorous lift inspections
Reports tonight indicate that the authority will begin a new investigation into the death of three-year-old Solomon Soremekun.
11 moments where you are convinced time has actually stood still
Stop the clocks. Oh wait they’ve stopped themselves.
11 reasons being in a lift is the most awkward thing ever
Being in a lift is just dreadful.
Where you stand in a lift reveals lots about gender roles
A PhD study found that women stand nearest the doors…