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This year
The Explainer: Why does Matt Hancock keep making headlines?
This week, we’re joined by PA Media’s Dominic McGrath to look back over the career of Matt Hancock, and delve into the impact of his leaked WhatsApp messages.
The Explainer: What are 15-minute cities and why do some people think they’re controversial?
Listen in to hear Stevie McDermott and Camilla Siggaard Andersen explain.
The Explainer: Who is Andrew Tate?
Listen in to hear Dr Debbie Ging of Dublin City University explain more about the controversial online figure.
The Explainer: Our favourite explanations of 2022
Listen in to hear what we picked amongst the range of topics we tackled across politics, sport, entertainment and health this year.
Last year
The Explainer: What is being done for survivors of Ireland's mother and baby homes?
Listen to Órla Ryan, presenter of Redacted Lives podcast, explain about Ireland’s mother and baby home system, and what is happening for survivors.
The Explainer: What’s the story with the women’s football World Cup?
Listen in to hear reporter Emma Duffy explain.
The Explainer: What will Putin's next steps be in his invasion of Ukraine?
Listen in to hear retired army officer Senator Tom Clonan explain what’s going on.
The Explainer: Why has polio reappeared in some major cities' sewage systems?
Listen in to hear epidemiologist Dr Kathleen O’Reilly explain what it might mean.
The Explainer: Will Dublin’s metro actually be built this time around?
Listen in to hear public transport expert Brian Caulfield of Trinity College Dublin explain.
The Explainer: What is Sláintecare and how does it aim to reform Ireland’s health system?
Unsure what Sláintecare is? Listen in to hear Liam Doran explain to presenter Michelle Hennessy.
The Explainer: Why is cutting turf so bad for the environment?
Listen to hear what Dr Raymond Flynn of Queen’s University Belfast has to say about the topic.
Listen to the first episode of our new rugby show - The Front Row - with Rob Kearney
Seán Burke, Murray Kinsella and Eimear Considine were joined by Irish rugby royalty to kick off the series, in partnership with Guinness.
The Explainer: What’s driving the rising prices in Ireland?
Listen in to hear what it has to do with inflation – and what inflation is – on this week’s podcast.
All time
Extraordinary letter from players shows that the IRFU needs to start listening
The union’s dismissive response simply underlined the point the players were making.
The Explainer: Why has no one won the Lotto jackpot yet?
Is it easier to to win now – or harder?
The Explainer: Why is there so much talk about Stephen Kenny's job as Ireland football manager?
Could Kenny lead Ireland into the Euro 2024 campaign? We take a look at the highs and lows of his role so far.
The Explainer: What's the story with rapid Covid-19 tests?
On this week’s podcast, we explain more – and producer Nicky Ryan takes an antigen test during recording.
The Explainer: RTÉ's Brian O'Donovan on reporting in Trump's America - and what 2021 holds for Biden
We talk to the Washington Correspondent about the past year.
The Explainer: How Ireland plans to roll-out Covid-19 vaccines
On this week’s podcast, we talk through what we know so far.
The Explainer: How could Golfgate impact Irish people’s behaviour?
We speak to Pete Lunn, a behavioural scientist from the ESRI.
The Explainer: What led to the new Covid-19 restrictions?
This week’s episode sees Professor Philip Nolan, chair of NPHET, talk us through the decision making.
The Explainer: 100 days after the election, what's happening with government formation?
Yep, we still don’t have a government yet… we take a look at what’s going on.
The Explainer: What Super Tuesday and the latest US primaries could mean for Trump
Wondering what Super Tuesday is, and what happened with it last night? We have all the answers.
The Explainer: Why don't we have a government yet?
We get you up to speed with what exactly is happening.
The Explainer: How did the Drogheda feud reach north Dublin?
The shocking murder of Keane Mulready-Woods added another layer to the ongoing Drogheda feud. We take a look at what has been going on, on this week’s podcast.
Need a new podcast for over the holidays? Here's how to listen to's Stardust
In a six episode series described as ‘devastating and important’ by The Guardian, will take you through the story from the start to the current day.
The Explainer: How much trouble has Prince Andrew caused for the royal family?
We are joined by Anton Savage this week as we look at the impact of Prince Andrew’s recent media appearances and friendship with Jeffrey Epstein.
The Explainer: What are Northern Ireland’s abortion laws and how might they be changing?
We look at how legislation passed in Westminster is set to change abortion laws in Northern Ireland.
The Explainer: So what's actually in this new Brexit deal?
We take a look at everything Brexit-related that happened this week, and what it all means.
The Explainer: Why is chemsex in the news in Ireland and the UK?
We look at what chemsex is, and the role the drugs GHB and crystal meth play in it.
The Explainer: How does Ireland deal with sex offenders after prison?
In the wake of the release of Tom Humphries, there has been much discussion around the treatment of sex offenders post-release. We talk to two experts on this week’s episode.
The Explainer: Can people applying for citizenship spend a day outside Ireland?
We discuss the ruling that led to the shock decision on this week’s podcast.
The Explainer: Why was there controversy over Katie Taylor's recent win?
In this week’s episode, we take a look at why the win is being appealed, and how judging in boxing works.
The Explainer: Why is John Delaney in the news so much right now?
In the latest episode of our weekly podcast, we look at the reasons why the FAI’s John Delaney has been the focus of media attention of late.
Introducing our new podcast: The Explainer’s new podcast looks at the facts behind the biggest news stories.
The Candidate:'s new presidential podcast
The Candidate brings readers closer to the presidential hopefuls, thanks to six in-depth interviews.
YouTube Music now available in Ireland as Google expands service to 17 countries
It offers both an ad-supported free option or an ad-free subscription service.
Apple will sell these wireless earbuds for €179, but what do you get?
There is more to them than just the lack of wires.
Taoiseach holds meeting with north-inner city residents over gangland shootings
The Taoiseach, Tánaiste and a number of Ministers attended the meeting to hear from local residents.
Still have your iPhone headphones? You can do quite a few things with them
They can do more than just change the volume or pause a song.