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Llama on the run for 6 months given new home

The animal has been wandering around Michigan for half a year.


A LLAMA SPOTTED wandering for nearly six months in the US state of Michigan has been captured and is getting a new home.

Mlive.com reports the llama called Dolly was finally captured at the weeknd in Oakland County’s Holly Township, about 40 miles northwest of Detroit.

Local woman Kathy Kuzma has been on the lookout for the animal, which had been wandering her neighbourhood.

On Saturday, Lisa Davenport came to Kuzma’s house to get a look at the llama.

Davenport has three llamas of her own along with other animals at a Michigan farm.

ODD - Wandering Llama Source: AP

The women walked into a field to give the llama some food, and Dolly stood still instead of being her usual skittish self. They then coaxed the llama into a barn.

Davenport plans to take the llama back to her own farm.

A happy ending for everyone! Just what we need on a cold Wednesday morning.

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