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There's a long-eared jerboa
There's a long-eared jerboa
Image: YouTube screengrab

Introducing three creatures you may never have heard of...

Are you sick of cats?
Nov 9th 2012, 2:41 PM 3,515 2

AFTER YESTERDAY’S (FRANKLY amazing) video of Reginald the Kitten reluctantly having a bath, reader Peter challenged us to think outside the box.

He accused us here at of “serious cat lobbying” (eh Peter, what about this dog? And this one?) and asked us to “find a new animal to post about every day”.

He also offered some suggestions that you, dear readers, might not have heard of, so here they are:

Golden-rumped elephant shrew:

Here’s the endangered golden rumped elephant shrew (native only to one national park in Kenya)  at Houston Zoo. LOOK AT ITS NOSE!


Long-eared jerboa:

Here’s the endangered long-eared Jerboa in the Gobi Desert. LOOK AT ITS EARS!


Slow worm (Anguis fragilis)

The slow worm is a legless lizard that looks like a snake. Although they’re not native to Ireland they were apparently introduced here a few decades ago in the Burren region in Co. Clare. LOOK AT THE WAY HE STARES:


So there you go Peter. Not a cat in sight. Well, apart from this one:


Look at this kitten having a bath. You won’t regret it>

Animal odd couples: A dog and a deer>

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