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# Good to Talk
Irish singles are loving this app that's like a modern version of Blind Date
It encourages people to focus on conversation and personality, only revealing profile pictures after users have been talking for a while.
Say it with flowers? What blooms signify to your Valentine
Planning to give your love flowers today? Check this out first…
# For One Night Only
The psychology of a one-night stand
Can both men and women have a one-night stand and both walk away unscathed?
# love stinks
9 Valentine's fails to make you feel better about being single
All by myseeeeellllffff (thank God).
# ch-ch-ch-changes
This loved-up couple received a special Valentine's blessing today
Marriage is still an important institution in this country, according to new research released today, but attitudes to it are changing.
# my bleedin heart
"There was no romance and flowers like nowadays": Irish pensioners teach us about real love
<3 <3 <3
# all you need is...
Let these Irish pensioners teach you everything about love
Attention lovebirds: RTÉ wants to pay for your wedding
The Today show launched a competition to win a €20,000 wedding reception at a hotel in Meath.
Column: What is the key to a happy relationship?
What do you want from an intimate relationship? Think carefully about your answer.
Column: Did I really fall in love online?
Falling in love with someone you’ve never met sounds unlikely… but when have our rational minds ever controlled our hearts?
# get lovin
McDonald's will now accept selfies and hugs as payment
Participating restaurants will let some customers pay for their food with loving deeds up until Valentine’s Day.
# in too deep
Girl writes note to her crush, gets a surprisingly deep response
Dat honesty.
# swipe right
8 struggles everyone who has tried online dating knows all too well
Love is a battlefield.
# oh what a night
Looking for love in 2015? Tonight could be your lucky night
Tonight, January 4, is expected to be the biggest night for online dating sign-ups all year.
Opinion: Breaking up (around Christmas) is hard to do
Ending a relationship at this time of year can magnify the perception that everyone else is having a great time with their loved ones.
# two become one
The first sex was like square-dancing in Scotland (seriously)
And it wasn’t humans who did it.
# uncomfortable
9 essential lessons from the world's worst couple photos
Just be glad this isn’t you. Be glad.
# unbreakable love
Here is the greatest love letter mankind has ever known
# international relations
'European Union': Erasmus programme has produced one million babies, says EU
“Cultural exchange”, eh?
Column: How do we get over losing the love of our life?
Those of us who have loved and lost are told to ‘move on’. Yes, we must do just that but it takes time and a lot of healing.
# crazy little thing called love
This loved-up couple started out as landlord and lodger
They still live in the same house where their relationship began.
# Your Say
Poll: Do you use online dating services?
Do you take out your phone to find someone to date?
# Love
James Foley wrote a letter to his family while in captivity and it's beautiful
“Dreams of family and friends take me away and happiness fills my heart.”
# BFFs
Who are the longest-married couple in Ireland?
The Catholic Grandparents Association is looking for the secret to a long and happy marriage.
# listen up
9 things terminally single people want everyone else to know
We’re actually grand, thanks.
# Love is blind
Yes, photos ARE important when it comes to online dating...
OK Cupid put the ‘love is blind’ theory to the test.
# romance aint dead
12 foolproof ways to ask someone on a date
Say it with pizza. Pizza and emojis.
# Tragedy
Woman burned alive after family refuses marriage proposal
A couple were also killed for marrying without consent.
# please stop
13 couples that should be banned from the internet immediately
The cringe index is on red alert.
# All You Need Is Love
Irish couples spend an average of €19,000 on wedding
Engagements appear to be getting shorter too, with most couples who tied the knot last year heading up the aisle after 13 to 18 months.
# this modern love
14 ways to perfectly sum up love in 2014
Love in the time of technology.
# greetings
Baby monkey gets adorably over-excited when granny comes to visit
Reunited and it feels SO GOOD.
# married at first sight
Channel 4 to launch new show where complete strangers get married
The channel calls it a “social experiment” to see if science can produce true love.
# Shirley and Moe
This 100-year-old woman's reflection on her late husband will make you cry
A heartwarming story for your Wednesday evening.
# the ride
The ridiculous ritual every Irish couple has to go through to get 'The Ride'
Nothin’ like The Nerney to get ya herny.
# Love
Biscuit company hits out at homophobic comments with amazing comeback
Honey Maid has something to say to its critics (and supporters).
# missy and penelope
A wedding could be on the cards for Ireland's first gay penguins
Two female penguins, Penelope and Missy, are nesting together in Dingle Oceanworld.
# this modern love
7 ways the internet has changed how we flirt
We Irish aren’t very gifted when it comes to flirting. The internet helps a lot.
8 reasons you are terminally single
It’s’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, we hope you will enjoy the show.
# meet the parents
The agonising awkwardness of meeting your other half's parents for the first time
They didn’t make a whole three films based on the experience for nothing, y’know.