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The Guide To Moving In With Your Other Half
Read this before you take the plunge.
What's the best/worst reason you've ever broken up with someone?
It’s confession time. Join the discussion here…
QUIZ: How annoying is your other half?
A highly scientific rating system.
14 ways to tell you're in a long term relationship
The hazy crazy honeymoon period is over guys, and this is so much better.
11 of the most annoying things men say to women*
*Yes, we’re generalising here.
14 reasons to believe in life after love
Ignore that voice inside you saying, ‘I really don’t think you’re strong enough’. It’s an idiot.
Column: Does age really matter in a relationship?
While an age difference doesn’t matter initially it can eventually cause problems, writes Tony Moore, who says being in different stages in our lives can be difficult to deal with.
Has Jay Bothroyd got the stupidest collection of tattoos you've ever seen?
We’re guessing, the answer is ‘yes’.
Cat can't quit intimate but dangerous love affair with hoover
Is this the best cat video ever?
12 gorgeous moments which will make you feel good about marriage
WARNING: There may be tears.
Column: I'm a devoted father, I'm engaged and I'm a gay man - I should be able to marry
When the question “why are you getting married?” is put to any couple, gay or straight, the answer is the same: “because we love each other,” writes Christian Daly, who says time for marriage equality is now upon us.
93-year-old Russian army veteran searches for lost WWII French love
“I am 93, there is no reason to wait any longer,” says Nikolai Vasenin, who has been decorated by France for his role in World War II.
What's the stupidest fight you've ever had with your significant other?
We want to hear your dirt.
15 celebrity couples we wish had stayed together
Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson we’re looking at you.
13 best office romances of all time
From Edna and Seymour to Barack and Michelle.
Column: Why Valentine's Day is a marketing dream
You can’t put a price on love – really? As long as there’s consumer interest in Valentine’s Day, the commercial opportunities will follow, writes Dr Margaret-Anne Lawlor.
Unconventional love story of the day: How one woman met her partner volunteering
Most people end up meeting their partners somewhere fairly ordinary. Not so for some of the Irish people who have found love while volunteering abroad…
Increased demand for marriage counselling as financial difficulties rise
Levels of stress and anxiety remained high among couples using ACCORD’s counselling service last year.
PIC: Is public declaration of your love becoming a thing?
We’re all going to have to up our romance game now.
PIC: The most romantic thing you'll see all week
And it’s only Monday.
Which town is the most romantic in Ireland?
Your town may be on the top ten most romantic list…or the least romantic list.
VIDEO: Stunning documentary of a cancer fighter hopes to inspire
Jill Brzezinkski-Conley wants to show women they can feel good about their bodies, regardless of how they look.
Column: How our idea of love changes as we get older
The qualities we value in a partner when we are young often change as we grow older, writes Kate Burke.
Here are 7 reasons why we still love Jonny Sexton
His uncanny resemblance to Taylor Lautner, plus six more of the Irish out-half’s endearing characteristics.
Column: Internet porn needs a warning – ‘may hurt your relationship’
When internet porn becomes a feature in a relationship it can bring catastrophic consequences, writes Eithne Bacuzzi.
Column: Two years on – how civil partnership helped change Irish attitudes
I’m proud I was involved in bringing about civil partnership, because it’s made a real difference to people’s lives – including my own, writes Roderic O’Gorman.
Almost 1,000 civil partnerships in Ireland in 2012
Now almost 2,000 people have entered civil partnerships since they became available in Ireland in April 2011.
Column: Why Irish ‘chick lit’ is the true barometer of our time
Following in the footsteps of Maeve Binchy, Irish female authors are capturing what really matters to people today, writes novelist Michelle Jackson.
9 chat-up lines guaranteed to get you a date
Prepare yourselves to be swept away by the romance…
Column: How to forgive somebody you love
We all get hurt by others from time to time, writes Lisa O’Hara. Here’s what you can do about it.
7 strangers who need your advice
Maybe he’s just not that into you? Or maybe he genuinely was asleep. Submit your love texts for analysis.
Column: 7 ways to stay happy in a long-term relationship
Relationship counsellor Lisa O’Hara gives some practical tips… and explains why marriage is like martial arts.
'Love locks' removed from Rome's Ponte Milvio bridge
The ‘love padlocks’, which are placed there by couples, were also taken off the Ha’penny Bridge in January of this year.
The Evening Fix... now with added beer concentrate
Things we learned, loved and shared today.
7 details that show the Fifty Shades of Grey author has a boring life
Orgies, decadence and the creative use of handcuffs? Not quite.
Would you have morning-after wedding pics taken?
Wedding photographers have noticed a demand for wedding photos to be taken after the night before. So are these racy, romantic or just plain wrong? Tell us in our mini-poll.
Column: Getting married will change my life… but no plastic willies, thanks
Marriage today isn’t like it was for our parents, writes Molly Garboden, who is currently looking forward to her own.
The power of love... and first dates: actress lets audience decide her future
Would you let a bunch of complete strangers decide the details of your next first date? This performer at ABSOLUT Fringe will…
Column: Here’s why your mother sets your love life – and how to change it
Our first relationships set the pattern for everything that comes later, writes psychotherapist Joanna Fortune.
The Evening Fix: Saturday
Things we learned, loved and shared today.