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Business Post group acquires Irish Tatler and other magazines
The group has bought Irish Tatler, Food & Wine, and Auto Ireland.
10 terribly grim headlines from the Christmas issues of women's mags
Christmas never goes off peacefully in the land of Take A Break.
Conservative Koch brothers to buy Time Inc for $2.8 billion
Time revealed in October that it was focusing less on magazine journalism and more on digital.
Hey, magazines: Stop chopping up expensive lipsticks for your photo spreads
It physically HURTS US to see it.
Five Irish lads were chosen as GQ's best dressed men in the world 2017
Don’t dare say Irish men aren’t stylish.
Five Irish lads were chosen as GQ's best dressed men in the world 2017
Don’t dare say Irish men aren’t stylish.
They can make thousands from an Instagram post - but how transparent are Irish bloggers?
We asked bloggers about trust, money and advertising – and they answered.
Can You Guess the Missing Word in These Nonsense Headlines?
Facepalm central.
12 times women's magazines took the absolute piss
*rolls eyes forever*
6 vintage magazine covers that show how publishers saw Irish women
Pat Kenny’s albums!
6 vintage magazine covers that show how publishers saw Irish women
Pat Kenny’s albums!
The world's most famous nudie magazine is to stop publishing nudes
After 62 years, the magazine’s editor says nudity has become ‘passé’ in the internet age.
This company has made a business out of buying people's old porn collections
The company purchases magazines, books, videos, often after collectors have died.
11 examples of guff you see in every woman's magazine
*shakes head*
Magazine denies altering Kerry Washington's skin colour on cover, fans remain unconvinced
Women's magazines sowed the seed of feminism in Ireland
A new exhibition looking at the influence of women’s magazines is appealing to the public to come forward with their mementos and memories from the era.
Poll: Do you think the media intrudes too much on the lives of celebrities?
Hollywood actress Charlize Theron says the intrusion on her life by the press is comparable to ‘rape’.
12 guilty pleasures we need to admit to
C’mon, no judgement here.
16 reasons everyone was mad for 1990s girl magazines
Because they were amazing, obviously. From Mizz right up to More.
5 people who are delighted that Jennifer Aniston is pregnant
The news hasn’t been confirmed yet, but celebrations are in order.
8 of the worst 'top tips' from trashy magazines
We wholeheartedly advise against all of these.
Column: We need education about porn, not censorship
While pornography can create dangerous misconceptions about sex, shutting down all such exploration only reinforces the notion that sex is something dirty and shameful, writes Genevieve Shanahan.
One Direction fans respond to GQ covers in horrifying ways
They are really, really angry.
11 brilliant headlines from little-known Irish magazines
Inspiring and hilarious reads abound.
Airbrushed images in teen mags 'should be labelled'
Nessa Childers MEP has called for mandatory labelling of airbrushed photographs in magazines for young people.
25 newspaper and magazine blunders that are unintentionally hilarious
Glorious, glorious mistakes.
19 things that made 1990s pop magazines life-changing
It was a simpler but also more ridiculous time.
9 reasons why teen magazines for girls ruled
…two words: Problem pages
What is Lily Allen on about?
We couldn’t possibly tell you.
League ladders and team posters: What's your favourite football magazine?
Steve Stone likes Shoot because of the pictures.
Can you spot the biggest Photoshop fails of 2012?
The ads in which legs and arms go missing – and some people grow extra fingers.
What media could you not do without?
A university experiment put students on a 48-hour “fast” from all types of media.
Censored: The 274 books and magazines still banned in Ireland today
How To Drive Your Man Wild in Bed is still banned in Ireland. Here’s why.
Column: The media is selling insecurity – but we don’t have to buy it
Eating disorders therapist Emma Murphy describes how images in the media affect her patients – and suggests a simple task for anyone considering a trip to the newsagent.
Turning the page: Sports Illustrated stay ahead of the game using new technology in hectic week
Renowned American sport magazine will publish twice in one week for the first time.
UK magazine denies Photoshopping Kate Middleton's figure
Grazia is accused of putting royal bride on a digital diet for new cover – but insists it didn’t.
Newsweek bought by stereo tycoon
91-year-old Sidney Harman takes on the faltering icon of American journalism as an apparent labour of love.