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Here's why people in America decided to celebrate Malia Obama Day instead of Independence Day
You’re still allowed have a BBQ for this holiday, don’t worry.
A man has offered Barack Obama 50 cows for his daughter
The White House hasn’t responded.
Why does the internet care about Malia Obama's tshirt?
How did her picture end up online?
The Obama ladies' trip to Ireland cost $251,000
Don’t worry though – the US paid for it.
9 ways Ireland has gone crazy for the Obamas' visit
Seriously, guys. This place is unrecognisable.
Malia Obama is officially gas craic
Look at this face she made before Riverdance last night.
You have to hand it to them: Paddy Power are good at this
“Free €100 bet in this shop if your name is Obama – birth certificate required as proof of identity.”
Michelle Obama and daughters will tour Glendalough today
US First Lady Michelle Obama with her daughters are due to visit the Co Wicklow heritage site on the last day of their visit to Ireland.
How the Obama girls can get a REAL Irish holiday experience
And there’ll be no fighting in that backseat now or else Michelle is just going to turn this car right around and go home.
Dubliners warned of traffic restrictions as the Obama family comes to town
Michelle, Malia and Sasha Obama are coming to Dublin for two days while their husband and father is at the G8.
Obama tells daughters: If you get tattoos, so will Michelle and I
Obama has a unique way to discourage his daughters from getting tattoos.
10 best memes from the 2013 Obama inauguration
Sasha and Malia, Bill Clinton, BEYONCÉ. The moments from the inauguration that went global.
Barack Obama formally begins second term as US President
The second term always begins on January 20 – even though the ceremonial inauguration won’t take place until tomorrow.
Obama to be sworn in for his second term today... and tomorrow
Tradition dictates that inauguration ceremonies are not held on Sundays but the US constitution says that a president must be sworn in on 20 January.
First Daughters: 11 things to know about Malia and Sasha Obama
Their dad is the most powerful man in the world. They must get away with NOTHING.
Bristol Palin slams Obama for listening to daughters on gay marriage
Sarah Palin’s daughter says US president took advice from teens who watched “one too many episodes of Glee”.