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13 hilarious autocorrect pranks played on unsuspecting mothers

Sausage sausage why.
Aug 24th 2015, 1:01 PM 30,478 6

1. The Sausage Sausage Why

2. The Naggins Classic

Tweet by @Paul Hyland Source: Paul Hyland/Twitter

3. The Two-Week Fart Odyssey

4. The What Is Going On With Reaction Shot

5. The Unexpected Political Sympathies

6. The β€˜Are There Sayings On This Phone?’

Source: ladyelyb

7. The D O T H E D I S H E S

Source: connor gildy/Vine

8. The β€˜May Need To Have Verizon Store Check Phone Out’

9. The Simple-But-Effective Switcharoo

10. The I Was Trying Th See If You Had Any Stately, Plump Buck Mulligan

11. The Real Street Talk

12. The Fail To Prepare, Prepare To Fail

13. And finally, the Four-Screen Acid Epic

Sorry, mams. Sorry from all of us.

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