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# mothersday
9 Mother's Day cards that will beat the ones your siblings get her
It’s not a competition… but it is.
# lost in translation
A massive UK Facebook page really struggled with the subtitles on *that* Kerry bat video
Tough gig.
# i mam what i mam
What Type Of Mam Would You Be?
A regular mom, or like, a cool mom?
# the cat's mother
19 signs you've gone Full Mam
It’s who you are now. Don’t fight it.
# mam with a plan
This lad dressed up as his mam and used her ID to get served drink... and it worked
It’s a cute look for him!
# dr mom
People are loving this great photo of a working mam just getting on with the job
That’s one badass mother.
# thanks mam
12 signs that you are the 'mam' of your friend group
You say “Text me when you get home” and by god you mean it.
# fone the doctor
A girl convinced her mam that her face had turned square and it’s gas
“U can’t go out looking like that”
# double date
A mam and her daughter appeared on First Dates at the same time last night
Well now.
# on the loose
A Lisburn teen's tarantula prank on her mam sent Facebook into a frenzy last night
When mam pranks go wrong.
# Happy Mother's Day
Open Thread: What's the best advice your mum gave you?
From the sublime to the ridiculous.
# Facebook
A mam called out a shop assistant for saying her daughter should wear Spanx
And now it’s everywhere on Facebook.
# f**king cake
The woman who went viral with her story of 'parent sex' has another message for mothers
She’s back, and it’s reached even more people than last time.
# new patio
8 times an Irish mam can't hold in a "well for some"
“Ooooooo isn’t it well for some?”
# Wobbler
This mam listed the 44 reasons her toddler threw a tantrum in one day
And they’re all completely rational.
# adorable
11 of the greatest mam texts ever sent
# deez nuts
The 21 funniest autocorrect pranks played on mams in 2015
Noot noot.
# doorstep challenge
This mam’s heartwarming Christmas challenge has gone super viral on Facebook
Just a little act of kindness.
# Quiz
How Much Of An Irish Mam Is Your Mam?
Come get your mammy stereotypes…
# hi mother
This postcard sent home from the Gaeltacht has been found and it's absolutely gas
“The Ceilí are a load of rubbish, a complete waste of time. Danced with a girl who looked like Satan.”
# Call out
This mam's response to breastfeeding shamers has taken off on Facebook
She certainly called them out.
# Disaster
This mam spectacularly misunderstood the cry laughing emoji
With mortifying results.
# sexy mama
Your mam is probably having better sex than you
Go on mam.
# bodyshaming
This mam was shocked at the dress code for girls at a pool party and let it be known
Her response is going super viral.
# mam's day
The 7 struggles of finding a Mother's Day Card with 'mam' on it
“Mummy”. What are you like?
# shootin some b-ball
Dublin kid accidentally nails incredible basketball shot (while talking to his mam)
The bar has been raised.
# love mam
You told us the most 'mam' things your mams have ever done
“Apple tart in oven”.
# mams
What's the most 'mam' thing your mam has ever done?
# hey mambo
8 of the best things Irish people have texted their Mams
“Home for dinner?”
# mamz
Guy hilariously re-enacts his 60-year-old mam's conversation
# Autocorrect
This lad's ‘naggins’ autocorrect prank on a Mayo mammy is absolutely excellent
# mammy
Do Irish Twitter users say mum, mom, mam or ma?
Let’s look at the hard evidence.
# braindead b*****d
This disastrous family discussion in Belfast is going viral, and it's hilarious
Featuring a star appearance from Mam. (Not pictured.)
# freakout
Mam has best reaction ever after learning she's going to be a granny
And by ‘best’ we mean ‘most extreme’.
# Mammy's Day
11 reasons why you've no excuse not to ring your mam today
We’ll give you a nudge in the right direction.
# notions
13 things that Irish mammies know are complete notions
YOU THERE! Do you have notions above your station?
# aaah ma
9 unmistakable signs that your mam is angry with you
Oh, you’re not going to visit her today? Grand so.
# thanks mam
9 brilliantly Irish Mother's Day cards
Make your mammy proud next Sunday.
# mam text
This may be the greatest Irish Mammy Text of all time
We pray we never receive this message.
# stop that
Lad breaks guitar over his head, gets given out to by his mam