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Man Flu is definitely a thing and worse than woman flu; scientists said so

Take to the bed men, you ARE sick.
Jan 14th 2016, 9:36 AM 3,301 2

man Source: bashford on flickr

WE ALL KNOW how quickly Man Flu can develop.

From Stage One: ‘The Bigger Than Normal Sneeze’ swiftly onto Stage Two: ‘Will You Look At My Tonsils For Me?’, and on into ‘I Think It’s Moving Into My Chest’ and ‘Does Anyone Know Any Chemists Open Late Tonight?’.

Now, scientists are providing some vindication to men suffering from crippling man flu.

The Metro reports that new research from John Hopkins University shows that lower levels of estrogen. Estrogen, which women have in abundance, protects against some debilitating effects of the influenza virus.

flu Source: Mr Thomas on Flickr

Scientist Dr Sabra Klein says that men and women actually respond differently to a wide range of diseases.

So you see, ‘Will You Tip Down And Get Some Difflam For Me?’, ‘Sure I’ll See How I Am Tomorrow I Probably Won’t Go In’ and ‘I Probably Need An Antibiotic’ are all valid moments in a man’s life.

Stay strong, men.

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