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Man paints his toenails purple to support wife with cancer, internet joins in

He just wanted to make her smile.

VALERIE BROSDAL WAS diagnosed with stage four lung cancer in August of last year. She married her husband Ralph Kapostins a month later, who was always on hand to support her and to make her smile.


In an attempt to lift his wife’s spirits, Ralph took her for a pedicure. She chose to have her nails painted her favourite shade of purple and Ralph, of course, joined in.

“It seemed to work,” he told NBC. “She was laughing pretty good there.”

purple toes 2

The couple posted the above photo of their matching feet to Facebook, and asked others to do the same as a fun way to show their support for Valerie. At first it was just their close friends, but soon, the internet took over.

About 400 people have joined in so far, from good friends to complete strangers.


Even animals are getting in on the action.

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The project has since been developed by the couple’s friend Susan Woolf, who started the Purple Toes campaign in conjunction with the Lung Cancer foundation. People are encouraged to submit photos to be made into a mural.

Either way, it’s a success, with Valerie posting on Facebook that she certainly has a “huge grin” on her face.

It just touches my heart, the support, and the fun people have with it too.


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