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Guy slips hilariously on ice on US news (in shameless imitation of the RTÉ fella)

They should definitely meet.
Jan 24th 2014, 9:43 AM 4,062 6

PEOPLE LIKE TO say that Ireland is a backward country. But we were YEARS ahead of the USA in one crucial field: live news reports featuring men falling hilariously on the ice.

It’s taken America until 2014 to execute a really good guy-slipping-on-ice news video.

Philadelphia finally managed it this week, with some exceptionally slippery weather. Good job America!

Source: Jake Redfield

Interesting technique – he went forward and plunged face down, rather than taking the arms-windmilling-backwards approach of the RTÉ guy:

Source: Cian Curtin

So who did a better job of falling hilariously on the ice?

Poll Results:

RTE guy (310)
Me, last winter, but there weren't any cameras around (252)
American guy (2)

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