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# The Story of Yes
"There were so many special moments": This is the story of how Ireland voted Yes
A documentary will air on RTÉ 2 tonight.
# Result
It's (finally) official: Marriage Equality is now enshrined in Irish law
President Higgins signed the Marriage Equality Bill into law this evening.
# voted down under
Hopes that Ireland's marriage equality vote would spread worldwide have suffered a setback
Ireland’s referendum has been a feature of the Australian debate.
# love is love
A Dublin artist said thanks for the Yes vote with 22 acts of kindness
“Cheers lads”.
# love wins
14 of the best reactions to the US marriage equality decision
Same-sex marriage is now legal across the whole of the US.
# i do (not know)
Has the Catholic Church backtracked on its concerns over their role in weddings?
Read and decide for yourself.
Did social media really turn 'No' votes to a 'Yes'?
Elections – like referendums – are determined by the undecided.
# snowball effect
Ireland's Yes vote is already causing earthquakes in Europe's Catholic heart
Just over half of Italian voters would support same-sex marriage, but there’s not even civil unions yet.
# Equality
Tears warning! There's a beautiful short film of the Yes vote results unfolding in Dublin
A wonderful montage.
# mar ref
A Cork man thinks a meteor is coming to kill us all after the Yes vote
There’s an asteroid on the way.
# Marriage equality
Ireland's Yes vote has inspired Australia's opposition leader to tweet this
Bill Shorten wants things to move quickly on marriage equality.
# mar ref
'The last bastion of discrimination': 26 counties down - 6 to go?
Northern Ireland is the only region in western Europe where same-sex marriage is not permitted.
# marref
'Ireland is sending a real signal to other countries that change is possible'
Ireland has hit the headlines around the world after voting in favour of same-sex marriage.
# In pics
All the colours of the rainbow: The day Ireland made history
Ireland said yes!
It's official - Ireland says YES to same-sex marriage
It’s 62% FOR and 38% AGAINST – as Ireland gives a big YES to same-sex marriage.
# pure sound
Des Bishop offered people lifts to vote and loads took him up on it
# mar ref
The adorable #DogsAtPollingStations hashtag put everyone in a good mood today
Ah, bless.
# The Return
Referendum Day: 4 stories of people who came #HomeToVote
This was their journey.
# Just Married
This couple went straight from their wedding to the polling station today
Going to the polling station, gonna cast vo-oh-oh-ote…
# Explainer
Saw a bible at your polling station? Here's why
Not everyone is happy about the situation.
# trending
#VoteYes is the top worldwide trend on Twitter today
It’s also trending in the US, UK and Australia.
# polls are open
No selfies or badges: What you need to know before you vote today
Here’s everything you need to know.
# back to the kitchen
8 questions we have for the man with the oven glove
Can we have it?
7 of the best places to party this Saturday when the results are in
AND the Eurovision is on.
# mar ref
Hozier is flying back to Ireland to vote and his simple message has gone viral
Welcome back, Hozier.
# what it really means
WATCH: The real lives affected by #MarRef - on both sides
These video interviews hear from LGBT people in both ‘No’ and ‘Yes’ camps, whose future we vote on tomorrow.
# Interview
'The female side of marriage equality': the inside story of the Galway castle mural
Artist Joe Caslin tells the story of how it all came about.
# Yes or No
Louis Walsh joins the Irish celebs backing a Yes vote
How are other well-known Irish names voting in the referendum? We take a look.
# Jimmy and Jono
Roscommon farmers sitting in a bath urging people to use their vote is oddly touching
Miriam Lord trended on Twitter after her 'divine' and touching Ursula Halligan article
“All things being equal, it’s not a lot to ask”.
# Navan
Gardaí investigate alleged egging of girl (10) at No campaign canvassing event
The incident is said to have occurred outside a shopping centre.
# put a pin in it
Here's how half-a-million Yes badges became the referendum's most coveted symbol
The little badge that could.
# deep breaths
7 perfectly rational reactions to last night's Claire Byrne Live debate
Deep breaths, everyone.
# what you need to know
'Same-sex marriage referendum WON'T change adoption in Ireland'
No matter which way you vote, Special Rapporteur for Children, Geoffrey Shannon has said.
# Love/Love
Robert Sheehan made a short video urging people to vote Yes and it's being shared wildly
More Love/Love than Love/Hate here.
# country choice
Shop sent hate mail over Yes to same-sex marriage poster
There are now plans to put even more posters up.
# mar ref
The couple featured in the No posters are 'appalled' at their image being used
Comedian Adam Hills has said that the couple are in favour of marriage equality.
# mar ref
This UK comedian ripped into a No poster and it's going super viral
No holding back here.
# mar ref
Domino's: We're not distributing No campaign leaflets with our menus
“Pizza & politics don’t mix.”
# mar ref
Irish star just bigged up the Yes campaign at a huge London Sherlock convention
What a combination of things.