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This Irish granny had the perfect response to a Marriage Equality question

“We have to vote for that? Why can’t they just bring it in?”
Apr 9th 2015, 4:45 PM 7,622 1

WITH THE MARRIAGE referendum a little over a month away, young Irish people are still chatting to their Grannies about how they’re going to vote - with sometimes brilliant results.

Youtuber Emma Blake asked her Nana Tras Doherty about the upcoming vote before a nice game of Scrabble. Her response was wonderful

Source: Emma Blake/YouTube

On being told that the people have to vote on the issue of marriage equality, her reply was simply:

I’ve never heard anything so f**kin stupid.

After saying she would indeed vote Yes – this Nana pretty much couldn’t get her head around the fact that we have to vote at all:

It should be automatic. They should let it go. I don’t understand it, I really don’t understand why…

The video was originally posted by Emma to Facebook last week, and Panti Bliss was amongst hundreds that shared it


Well played everyone.

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