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Quiz: How well do you remember the marriage equality referendum count day?
Test your knowledge.
Boris Johnson in Downing Street 'quite rightly raises enormous fears', says Micheál Martin
Martin said the last time Johnson was in Ireland, he didn’t show the ‘slightest level of understanding’ about the the Good Friday Agreement.
Fresh talks hope to revive power-sharing ... but marriage equality remains a major stumbling block
Sinn Féin has called on the UK and Irish governments to step in and take the reins if the new round of talks fail.
‘You’ve got everything now, you should be fine’: How youth workers are helping LGBTI+ people post-marriage referendum
Marriage equality and the Gender Recognition Act were two significant milestones in recent years, but there’s still a lot of work to be done.
Arlene Foster says opposing marriage equality doesn't mean she can't value LGBT people
Northern Ireland remains the only part of the UK where same-sex marriage is still banned.
Northern Ireland same-sex marriage bill passes first stage in House of Lords
Northern Ireland remains the only part of the UK where same-sex marriage is still banned.
Kylie Minogue is really leading the celebrations after Australia passed its marriage equality law
The party is just getting started.
'What a day for love, for equality': Australia passes same-sex marriage bill in landslide vote
Only a handful of politicians voted against the law change.
'This means everything': Massive celebrations as Australians vote for same-sex marriage
61% of Australians have voted in favour of same-sex marriage.
An Irish woman in a same-sex marriage has two little girls - but only one can get an Irish passport
It’s down to what’s written on their birth certs.
Cork hurler Donal Óg Cusack had the best comeback to the Aussie rugby player who spoke out against gay marriage
That’s a clapback if I ever saw one.
An Irish-style #RingYourGranny campaign has been started in Australia ahead of their marriage equality vote
With emotional results.
What Australia can learn from Ireland's successful marriage equality campaign
The campaign needs to be a positive one which addresses people’s concerns, Mark Govern writes.
Northern Ireland's ban on same-sex marriage does NOT breach human rights
A Belfast court made the ruling this afternoon.
'It's important the government made it look like it was letting people 'have their say''
Australia could learn from the Irish experience, writes Dr Brian Tobin.
Varadkar says it's 'only a matter of time' before North legalises same-sex marriage
The Taoiseach made the comments at a gay pride event in Belfast today.
A student in Northern Ireland made a surprise statement about same-sex marriage at her graduation ceremony
This made up for being unable to make it to the march over the weekend.
Arlene Foster's letter to Scottish government about same-sex marriage released
Last week Foster said she had no recollection of the letter.
'Ireland has lost a fierce and dedicated campaigner': Tributes pour in for Ann Louise Gilligan
Dr Gilligan’s wife Katherine Zappone said she is “heartbroken”.
Opinion: 'We still don't have crucial parental rights for same-sex married couples'
The State has a duty to protect all married couples, including same-sex couples, writes Dr Brian Tobin.
First openly lesbian bishop in US Methodist Church may lose her job
Bishop Karen Oliveto’s civil marriage to another woman violates church law that bars clergy who are “self-avowed practicing homosexuals”.
The average age for Irish brides and grooms is getting older and older
For men it’s nearly 36 and for women it’s nearly 34.
Line saying this will be Enda Kenny's last St Patrick's Day as Taoiseach removed from speech
Meanwhile, Kenny has said he will raise marriage equality with Mike Pence if he gets the chance.
Marriage equality?: 'There is no excuse for confining civil partnership solely to gay couples'
It’s understandable why some couples prefer a more modern and secular form of civil recognition over marriage, writes Fergus Ryan.
Gay priest marries long-term partner in 'beautiful' ceremony in Clare
Fr Bernard Lynch – who grew up in Ennis in the 1950s – became the first Catholic priest in the world to have a civil partnership in 2006.
Journalist Una Mullally is the government's new youth LGBT czar
The activist will lead a group to develop a strategy for young LGBT people.
"We still have a long way to go" - does a stigma still apply to being gay in rural Ireland?
A new documentary, The Only Gay in the Village, explores the reality for gay people living in Ireland’s rural areas.
Australian opposition blocks marriage equality vote due to divisive debate it would cause
The Labor Party says the debate surrounding a referendum could be harmful to those in same-sex relationships and their families.
The artist behind Dublin's marriage equality mural is back with a piece for Belfast Pride
Joe Caslin’s mural in Dublin was one of the iconic images of last year’s referendum.
The artist behind Dublin's marriage equality mural is back with a powerful piece for Belfast Pride
Just beautiful.
All of Ireland is in bits after RTÉ's very moving #marref documentary
Hold us *sniff*
"There were so many special moments": This is the story of how Ireland voted Yes
A documentary will air on RTÉ 2 tonight.
The day that Ireland changed forever
One year on from the historic same-sex marriage referendum, key figures from both sides share their memories.
People's wonderful marriage referendum memories will make you proud to be Irish
It’s one year since Ireland since voted Yes.
There have been around 16 same-sex marriages a week since it was legalised
397 couples have registered their marriage in Ireland since last November.
'We were walking through the flats and it came up in conversation. My Dad asked if I was gay'
I got really really angry with my family when they said they wouldn’t be voting in the marriage referendum, writes Patrick Dempsey.
Panti Bliss named in Time magazine poll of 100 'most influential'
The drag queen came in 29th position in this year’s public vote, which closed last night.
A woman's heartbreaking marriage equality story is going viral on Facebook
Lara Ryan lost her partner of 10 years in a tragic road accident three weeks ago.
A woman's heartbreaking marriage equality story is going viral on Facebook
Lara and Elise :(
BAI rejects complaints Ray D'Arcy was biased in marriage referendum coverage
One listener wasn’t happy the presenter said he had cried with pride when the vote was passed.