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# Marriage

This year
Less than four in 10 couples who got married last year had a Catholic ceremony
Thailand becomes first country in southeast Asia to pass bill for same-sex marriage
Former president Mary McAleese calls for double Yes vote in referendums
Greece legalises same-sex marriage, becoming first Orthodox Christian country to do so
The number of people aged over 60 getting married has more than doubled in the last 10 years
Last year
Two in five couples who got married last year had a Catholic ceremony
All time
Woman seeks proceeds of sale of house from man she claims is her husband
Couple 'very much in love' bring High Court action aimed at allowing them to marry
No wedding bells for the time being as guidance on marriage ceremonies earmarked for later phases
How a wedding cancelled due to Covid-19 turned into a socially distant celebration
'We've made history': First same-sex marriage takes place in Northern Ireland
Ireland has no plans to follow the UK and introduce civil partnerships for opposite-sex couples
Explainer: Why can't same-sex couples in Northern Ireland get married until next year?
Cabinet to discuss divorce proposals amid fears Brexit could impact recognition of UK separations
Taoiseach Leo Varadkar marches in Belfast pride parade for the first time
Estranged wife of Dubai ruler asks UK court for forced marriage protection order
Here's your quick guide to the divorce referendum
Brides and grooms are still getting older (but only in opposite sex marriages)
Poll: Should the four-year time period for divorce be reduced?
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Margot Robbie is right - we all need to stop asking married women when they're going to get pregnant
Cuba to scrap same-sex marriage language from new constitution, official says
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Dear Fifi: I feel a lot of pressure to have a white wedding
Dear Fifi: I cheated on my husband - and honestly? I'm not sorry
There has been a fall in divorce cases, with more women than men applying
Arlene Foster says opposing marriage equality doesn't mean she can't value LGBT people
Marriage is (literally) good for the heart, new study finds
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Marriage has some very tasty tax benefits attaching to it: Here's how to claim them
John Lowe
Number of Roman Catholic marriages reducing but it's still the most popular type of ceremony
Heart disease and cancer are the most common causes of death in Ireland
11 kinda cringe but kinda sweet marriage proposals
Poll: Should you ask someone's parents for permission to marry their son or daughter?
Fine Gael's Jerry Buttimer ties the knot in Cork
'This idea is only new because we're both men' - Friends who are marrying for tax reasons
Almost half of people would support people getting married to avoid inheritance tax
Two men who've been friends for 30 years went on Liveline to say they were marrying for tax reasons
Marriage could help reduce the risk of dementia - study
Over 400 sham marriages halted by gardaí following 2015 crackdown