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# Marriages

This year
Two in five couples who got married last year had a Catholic ceremony
That’s according to figures released by the Central Statistics Office today.
Last year
Non-religious marriages outnumbered Catholic marriages in 2021, new CSO figures show
Catholic ceremonies accounted for 39% of all marriages, compared to 43.3% non-religious ceremonies in 2021.
Another year of Irish birth, marriage and death records are now available to the public online
Minister Catherine Martin TD said the update “will be met with eager anticipation by those carrying out research in genealogy”.
All time
Birth numbers continued to decrease in 2019 as deaths increased slightly
In 2019, just over 60,000 births were registered, a continuation of a yearly decrease.
Gay couples marry in midnight ceremonies across Australia
Marriage equality became law on 9 December with overwhelming support in Parliament.
Hollywood legend Zsa Zsa Gabor dies aged 99
The Hungarian-born actress had a storied career lasting 50 years.
Divorces and multiple marriages - the other issues in the Syrian civil war
According to official figures, polygamous relationships accounted for 30% of marriages registered in Damascus in 2015, up from just 5% in 2010.
Dublin's still beating Cork in the battle of the babies
The number of marriages registered during the quarter was 3,539, of which 186 were same-sex marriages.
Fascinating statistics compare modern-day Ireland to the country in 1916
Births, deaths, marriages … and the most popular baby names.
Marriages are becoming the hidden victims of home repossession
Debt support charity Phoenix Project Ireland says 3 in 5 of their clients are women going through separation.
11 people arrested during massive garda operation into sham marriages
Operation Vantage was set up after a trend of foreign men marrying women from EU countries was identified.
The site people use to have affairs has been hacked and all their data is leaking online
Here is how many people were born, died or got married in Ireland last year
Last year Irish people had 25% more babies than they did in the year 2000.
The Irish aren't making as many babies as they used to...
At present our birth rate isn’t high enough to replace our population. However, we’re also dying less and getting married more.
More people are having non-religious marriages than they were six years ago
The total number of marriages registered in 2013 was 20,670.
Shock! Irish people still love getting married
There were 7,760 marriages registered in Ireland between July and October last year.
The oldest brides and grooms can be found in south Dublin and Waterford
The latest CSO statistics show that marriage and divorce rates have fallen, while bride and grooms are getting older.
Birth rate declines by 9 per cent as marriages increase
The figures from the Central Statistics Office also showed that 36.5 per cent of total births in January to March were to parents outside marriage.
New bill will crack down on 'sham' marriages
The bill will allow registrars not to issue marriage registration forms if they believe that a proposed marriage is one of convenience.
Births and deaths are down but marriages are up in Q3 2012
The highest percentage of births outside marriage or civil partnership was in Limerick, while the lowest was in Galway.
Birth rate down by 2.3 per cent in second quarter of 2012
New CSO figures show there were 17,958 births in the second quarter, with the average mother aged 31.9.
Births, deaths and marriages all decreased in Q1 of 2012 - CSO
The Central Statistics Office have today released the Vital Statistics First Quarter 2012 report. Here’s what it said.
Baby boom: More babies born than in any year since 1891
The CSO has released new figures about births, deaths and marriages in Ireland – including how the average age of brides and grooms is now at a record high.
More boys than girls born in Q3 2011
From the highest birth rate in Ireland to the average age of first time mothers, here’s what you need to know from the latest stats on births, deaths and marriages in Ireland.
Ireland by numbers: births, marriages and deaths
The Irish Mammy is getting older…
Northern Ireland's death rate at its lowest ever
Northern Ireland’s Registrar General says combined high birth rates and low mortality has led to the lowest death rate ever.
Birth, death, marriage and jobs: A fascinating snapshot of Ireland
The tenth issue of the Statistical Yearbook of Ireland is out – and it provides a fascinating snapshot of Ireland today. Births, deaths, jobs, the environment – it’s all covered here.
When is Ireland's favourite time to get married, born and... em, die?
A quick look at Ireland’s vital stats from the last decade…
Column: Men still propose marriage, but it’s not about love
‘Popping the question’ is seen as the ultimate romantic gesture – but appearances often don’t match reality, argues Paul Ryan.
Ireland by numbers: The country's vital statistics
From births, to deaths, to unmarried parents – we look at the latest figures which make up the country.