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This hedgehog's adorable paper makeovers will make you smile

His name is Marutaro and he likes experimenting with his look.
Apr 7th 2014, 5:33 PM 3,967 0

IT’S MONDAY. IT’S horrible. We know. Here, have this.

The owners of this cute lil’ hedgehog named Marutaro tweet a LOT of pictures of their pet with an assortment of adorable props and accessories.

By far the cutest pictures, though, are the ones with the tiny hand-drawn faces, placed over Marutaro’s mouth. Just look.

Here’s Marutaro being a bear

He’s also had a go at being a lion

This one’s Pikachu


A snotty nose (?)

And last but not least, this rather disturbing human nose and mouth

Follow Marutaro @hedgehogdays for hundreds of pictures and to fill your daily prescribed CUTE quota. It’s as important as your five-a-day, you know.

via Buzzfeed

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