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Matthew McConaughey makes emotional appeal for gun control at White House
The actor spoke powerfully about some of the children who died in his hometown of Uvalde two weeks ago.
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Once again, Anne Hathaway reminded us why we all love her.
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Never leave Snoop alone with the props.
Matthew McConaughey learned how to say his famous 'alright, alright, alright' as Gaeilge
Ceart go leor.
Matthew McConaughey says he wants to send his kids to the Gaeltacht
Ceart go leor, ceart go leor, ceart go leor…
11 most preposterous things to happen at Cannes so far
Only in Cannes.
The 6 best Oscar speeches in recent history
*Cue the music
Man wakes from a coma speaking French, thinking he's Matthew McConaughey
Alright alright alright.
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Rust Cohle is back. Kind of.
This bootleg True Detective cover is definitely better than the real deal
Brad Pitt throws a beer to Matthew McConaughey after finding out they're neighbours
Lend me some sugar…
Woody Harrelson reacts to Brian O'Driscoll's retirement
Time is a flat circle… or an eighty minute match.
So many people tried to watch the True Detective finale, it broke the internet*
*OK, it broke the HBO stream, and people reacted hilariously. No spoilers.
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