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# Medical Council

Last year
Cork GP advertised herself as gynaecologist without any authorisation, inquiry hears
The hearing was adjourned and resumes tomorroow.
Brexit 'anomaly' is stopping medical students in Northern Ireland from doing internships in Ireland
“I applied to study in Northern Ireland on the basis that I would have no issues in Ireland,” one student said.
Students who are studying medicine in Northern Ireland or Great Britain cannot apply for internships with the HSE this year due to Brexit.
The Department of Health said it is working on changes to the Medical Practitioners Act, and hope it will come into effect later this year.
All time
Doctor who falsified records to blame midwife for stillbirth charged with professional misconduct
The doctor is suspended from practising in the Republic of Ireland.
A record 1,450 doctors voluntarily withdrew from the Medical Council of Ireland last year
To practice medicine in Ireland you must be registered with the council.
Ciara Kelly calls for Medical Council reform after 'vexatious' complaints over HPV vaccine support
The Medical Council said that upcoming legislation will reform the complaints process.
Irish doctors urged to stop over-prescribing benzodiazepines and similar drugs
That council has warned that over-prescriptions of the drugs is affecting the safety of Irish patients.
Poor working conditions 'having a negative effect on doctors' ability to communicate with patients'
One in five complaints made to the Medical Council related to communications issues.
Over 40% of trainee and intern doctors say they have been bullied or harassed in the workplace
That’s according to a new report by the Medical Council.
Hospital inspections: Trainee doctors left unsupervised and male interns getting preferential treatment
The Medical Council has published its findings from inspections at nine hospitals in the south, west and north-west.
'Unacceptable' that some patients may have to get repeat cervical smears due to backlog
It emerged today that some women who were retested might have to go through the procedure again as their samples are out of date.
Doctor not returning calls to patient waiting on test results among 356 complaints received last year
The Medical Council said nearly one in five of the complaints related to communication issues.
As doctors continue to emigrate, Ireland is becoming more reliant on foreign-trained staff
Africa and Pakistan contribute the highest number of non-Irish doctors here.
Doctor accused of misdiagnosing ectopic pregnancy acquitted of poor professional performance
The decision led to the termination of a potentially viable embryo.
Doctor who made 'abnormal' wound on woman during caesarean found guilty of poor performance
Dr Andrea Hermann was also found guilty of professional misconduct.
Woman's pregnancy terminated after ectopic pregnancy was misdiagnosed, inquiry hears
Expert witness Dr Philip Owen told the inquiry the woman likely had a continuing normal pregnancy in her womb.
Medical doctor 'didn't know a malignant melanoma was a skin condition'
Dr Muthulingam Kasiraj faces allegations of professional misconduct and poor professional performance.
Doctor no longer fit to practice after advising bleach solution to Dublin mother as a 'cure for autism'
Doctor Finbar Magee initially defended his decision to recommend the controversial solution to his patients.
"I was so angry - if he had hurt my baby I wanted to kill him" - Inquiry hears doctor misdiagnosed ectopic pregnancy
The woman in question, 37-year-old Laura Esmonde, was administered drugs to treat the ectopic pregnancy and subsequently miscarried her baby.
"I felt absolutely dreadful; I couldn't talk" - Doctor misdiagnosed serious womb infection in 45-year-old mother of twins
Dr Saleem Sharif faces allegations of poor professional performance at a fitness to practice inquiry.
Substance abuse: More than 20 doctors referred for help
The figures are in the latest Medical Council annual report.
"A doctor who falsified his application" - inquiry hears Donegal-based doctor lied about ability to speak English
Dr Mohamed Abdelrahman has been found guilty of professional misconduct.
Doctor accused of not passing on x-ray of woman who later "suffered greatly" and died
Dr Emmanuel Gbadebo Alabi, originally from Nigeria but with an address in Cork, faces two allegations.
'No profession has a public trial for making a mistake at work, other than doctors'
Lorraine Courtney writes that naming doctors in fitness to practice inquiries should be scrapped.
A doctor has been accused of mistaking an elbow for an ankle at a fitness to practice inquiry
Surgical doctor Omar Hassan, who is representing himself, faces multiple allegations of professional misconduct and poor professional performance at the inquiry.
Trainee doctors say nurses and doctors bully them as they're shown the ropes
A new report also found trainees who gained their medical qualification outside Ireland rated learning environments significantly more highly.
Doctor accused of 'inappropriate' womb removals breaks down during testimony
There have been testy exchanges today at surgeon Dr Peter van Geene’s Fitness to Practice inquiry.
Kilkenny surgeon accused of removing women's wombs 'inappropriately' says he made the 'right decisions'
Dr Peter van Geene has been giving his side of events at a Medical Council Fitness to Practice inquiry.
Patient describes being "traumatised" by her treatment at hands of hysterectomy surgeon
Dr Peter van Geene is the subject of a fitness to practise inquiry by the Medical Council concerning a number of hysterectomies he performed between 2009 and 2011.
Patients complain of rude doctors, lack of compassion and misdiagnosis
Women, older doctors and doctors who qualified in Ireland are less likely to face serious disciplinary outcomes, according to a new report.
Doctor accused of putting cancer patients' health at risk and showing 'lack of empathy'
Dr Saqib Ahmed worked as a registrar in oncology from July to November 2012 at University Hospital Limerick.
Complaints of 'failing to treat patients with dignity' against doctors have doubled
The number of complaints against qualified doctors is down in general however.
'Disgraceful and dishonourable' doctor found to have over-prescribed sleeping tablets to addict
A fitness to practice committee found 11 allegations against De Mohammed Khan resulted in professional misconduct.
Doctor denies sterilising woman without her permission
Dr Declan Egan, a consultant at Galway University Hospital, said that the actions he carried out were reversible.
Doctor: Gynaecology is "different" and requires more trust
The Medical Council is hearing evidence against a consultant from Galway.
Woman claims doctor performed procedure that left her infertile without consent
The doctor clipped her fallopian tube without consent.
Children's surgeon convicted of poor professional performance
The Medical Council heard Dr Mihai Anton “had difficulty putting on gowns and gloves.”
One in ten young doctors left the Irish system last year
There were also four doctors struck off.
Most young doctors are female while most older doctors are male
Over one in every three doctors working here qualified outside of Ireland.
35 new complaints a month against doctors to Medical Council
That’s an increase of 12 per cent between 2011 and 2012, according to the council’s annual report.
Thinking of cosmetic surgery? Here’s the Medical Council’s advice
The Medical Council said it has been concerned about private clinics operating unregulated – which is set to change when a draft bill passes.