31 excellent memes that took over 2017

When things are bad, turn to memes.

WARNING: IT MIGHT come as a shock to you that all of these memes happened in the last 12 months.

Some of them feel like they’ve been with us for years.

So sit back, relax, crack open a cold one with the boys, and let’s delve right in:

1. January opened strong with Salt Bae popping up everywhere

2. The start of the year was so grim that an Irishman’s fake BBC breaking news ticker was everywhere

Source: @emmetbroaders Twitter

And it kept popping up throughout the year.

3. Michelle Obama’s face during Trump’s inauguration felt like the most relatable moment

4. And the final embers of the Joe Biden memes burned out

5. Everyone took the piss out of Trump’s inauguration crowd

Source: Twitter

6. It was a year for political rants over pints

Source: Imgur

7. This guy popped up in February and has never left us

8. Meryl Streep was at the centre of one of 2017′s most prevalent jokes

9. And Irish people jumped right on board

10. It was in February that the “White Guy Blinking” meme was born

Source: @eskbl

11. And March brought us the joy of Beyoncé ordering in a restaurant

Source: @animalfriespls

12. Can you remember a time without the Spongebob mocking response?

13. All summer we saw “the floor is” all over Twitter

14. With some delightful local variations

15. The latter part of the year was dominated by what became known as the Distracted Boyfriend meme

16. And every single brilliant version has been done at this stage

17. That was quickly taken over by the “first of all” tweets

18. 2017 didn’t live up to the billing

Source: Reddit

19. But it was the year that a “big bag of cans with the lads” became a stock phrase around Ireland

20. And fitted surprisingly well into Galway Girl

21. While America had their own version

Not quite as good as a big bag of cans, but a cold one will do:

Source: reddit.com

22. In October, a since deleted tweet took on a life of its own

Source: Twitter

The responses were… unexpected:

Source: KnowYourMeme

23. Everything Gemma Collins did in 2017 became a meme

Source: @gemmareacts

24. There was a pointed meme reaction to Kevin Spacey’s much-ridiculed response to accusations of sexual assault

Source: Reddit

25. The “couples costume idea” took over the internet on Halloween

Source: @SoDamnTrue

26. And there were some top notch Irish efforts

Source: @shauna_bell15

Source: @hurricaim

27. You might not be able to believe it, but the first ever prominent Pintman meme was posted in Ireland Simpsons fans in January

Source: Luke Nelson

Feels like it’s been with us forever.

28. He now has his own Facebook group dedicated to him

Source: Pintman Pintposting

29. Tony Cantwell’s soft drink sketch might have been posted in December of last year, but the meme belongs to 2017 – and to a grateful nation

30. Republican memes carried their momentum throughout the year

Source: Reddit

31. And finally… Bella Hadid’s use of “homeboy”, “fresh” and “dope” is a moment that needs to be relived

If you can’t see the video, click here

Then the memes came:

What a year.

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