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# Menstruation

This year
Trade unions call for implementation of mandatory workplace menstrual and menopausal policies
The newly formed trade union coalition ‘Stop the Stigma’ launched its position paper in Leinster House yesterday.
All time
'Negotiations ongoing' on zero VAT rate for newer period products like menstrual cups
A report launched today found that extensive research is required to examine the impact of period poverty in Ireland.
Opinion: 'Revolution Period' is here - so why are the authorities banning tampon ads?
Menstrual Cycle Awareness facilitator Kitty Maguire says the recent banning of an ad for tampons missed the point entirely.
Minister sets up period poverty committee: 'Menstruation is not a choice'
The health minister said women are facing significant costs paying for sanitary products.
What your period may be telling you about your overall health
We asked the experts.
Mary Queen of Scots director Josie Rourke explained the menstruation scene Saoirse Ronan was praising last week
“It was probably the most straightforward scene that we shot.”
What's it really like to use a menstrual cup? We asked four Irish people who have tried them
How much money could you save from investing in one? A lot, tbh.
This mam threw her daughter a 'period party' because she was worried about starting her period
There was a cake that said ‘Congrats on your period’. YES.
15-year-old Nepali girl banished for menstruating dies in a cowshed
Some Hindus view menstruating women as impure. The girls are sometimes forced to remain in a hut or cowshed for days,
Irish women are sharing their messiest, most honest period stories
Cork author Louise O’Neill has opened the floodgates, so to speak.
After controversial comments, Trump faces onslaught of tweets from women describing their periods
“Hey Donald Trump, I just got my period.”
Can girls' periods really sync over a Whatsapp group?
10 facts about periods everyone should know
Class is in session.
Instagram says it "accidentally" removed woman's period stain photo twice
The poet said that she was fully clothed and the photo was not unacceptable.
10 of the snarkiest responses to NUIG's 'menstrual cycle' health quiz
Prospective employees are asked about their periods – and Twitter is not impressed.
11 things every woman on her period knows to be true
Sleep. Eat. Cry. Repeat.
This is the funniest tampon advert you'll see this year
“Your grandpa is bobbing for ´╗┐ovaries like a champ.”
PMS 'like having man flu every month', according to survey of women
77 per cent of women say they’d expect a man flu-like response from men if they also suffered from pre-menstrual syndrome.
VIDEO: Walt Disney's animated guide to the menstrual cycle
This ten-minute 1946 cartoon, commissioned by a hygiene products company, was shown to over 100 million people.