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8 things you always wish would hurry up

Come on, come ON.
Oct 22nd 2013, 3:31 PM 35,023 69

TIME FLIES WHEN you’re having fun.

But when you’re waiting for something, on the other hand…

Not so much.

1. Monday morning

How come the weekends pass by in the blink of an eye, but Monday morning seems to last about three weeks? Is this what Einstein’s theory of relativity was about? He was on to something, that lad.

2. Your food in a restaurant

You’d nearly be nibbling at the tablecloth in some places. FEED ME.

Source: PetFinder

3. Someone getting ready

Nothing more frustrating that waiting in your gladrags while your friend or other half delays you. Many an argument was begun with, “I’ll just wait in the car then!”

Source: Imgur

4. The person ahead of you in a queue

It is scientifically proven that the person ahead of you in any given queue – for a club, the ATM, a toilet, in the shop – is the slowest person in the known universe.

Source: Imgur

5. The bus


6. The end of work

Much like Monday mornings, the clock seems to slow to a standstill in the run-up to freedom. A watched pot never boils, and yet we’re checking the time every two minutes once it goes 4.30pm.

Source: Imgur

7. Traffic

As a wise person once said, you’re not in traffic – you are traffic. Even so, we wish it would feck off out of our commutes.

Source: Lolroflmao

8. That film to download

Hurry up, HURRY UP. C’mon, downloading file, don’t you know we have a hot evening of takeaway and snuggling under a slanket to get underway? Step it up!


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