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May 2023
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Meteor to refund 55,000 customers for data charges following investigation
The communications regulator found that Meteor, a past standalone brand owned by eir, did not adequately inform customers about out-of-bundle charges.
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# The final frontier
QUIZ: How well do you know these space-related movies?
There always seems to be something deadly hurtling towards the planet.
# Space Oddity
'Fireball' spotted crossing the sky over Ireland and UK last night likely to be space debris
Astronomy Ireland’s David Moore told The Journal that they were “flooded with reports” of sightings of the fireball last night.
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# Shooting Stars
Clear spells to give Irish stargazers a glimpse of Perseids as annual meteor shower peaks
There will be 20 times more shooting stars than on a normal night.
# great gig in the sky
'Green ball of fire' - A stunning green fireball lit up the Irish sky last night
The brightest of the fireballs was at about 6.54 pm last night.
# not armageddon
An asteroid the size of your house will give Earth a close shave tomorrow morning
Asteroid TC4 will pass uncomfortably close to Earth just before 7am tomorrow morning according to Nasa.
# dawn of life
Meteorites splashing into warm ponds could have started life on Earth
A new study points to the life-giving potential of these “warm little ponds”.
# Rebranding
Meteor will be called Eir from September
There will be no change to contracts or mobile plans for customers.
# no my data is best
Slap on the wrist for Meteor after Three complains over 'more than you can eat data' ad
Three had claimed that it had the superior data offer, and that Meteor’s advert was misleading.
# regional problems
Mobile customers left frustrated as Meteor and Eir coverage fails
Customers in Galway, Offaly and Kildare have reported outages today.
# Meteorite
Did you see an 'extremely bright' fireball blaze across the sky last night? Lots of people did
Anyone for an old-fashioned meteorite hunt?
# decisions
One phone company is letting you access social media free - and that could be a problem
Meteor won’t be counting Facebook, Twitter or Instagram towards users’ monthly data usage.
# Look Up
VIDEO: Suspected meteor lights up sky over Scotland
‘We saw the ball of light over the trees coming down at some speed and then a massive flash.’
# Leinster
Thousands without service as Meteor works to resolve network issues
Phone and broadband services have been affected.
# Spotlight
Secret footage shows Bank of Ireland employee discussing fraudulent claim
Today the bank said the footage shown in a BBC NI Spotlight programme was “highly edited”.
# no service
Call for Vodafone, Three and Meteor to be questioned over mobile coverage
Labour TD Michael McNamara’s comments have been rejected by the Irish Cellular Industry Association, an alliance of mobile operators.
# Shooting Stars
All eyes on the sky: A meteor shower will be visible over Ireland tonight
Everyone can join in the viewing, with no equipment necessary.
# is it a bird
Eircom has been replaced with this squiggle
The company is spending €16 million on a rebrand, including a new name and logo.
# dashcam footage
Watch: Fireball streaking down from space shocks commuters in Bangkok
The sky was lit up by what’s thought to be a meteor.
# say my name
First UPC, now Eircom's unloved brand could be on the way out
It’s all change in the phone and internet biz.
# watch the skies
Pics: Did you see the perseids meteor shower last night?
Light up, light up.
# shady
Eircom, Meteor, Three and UPC all made one big mistake when signing up customers
Consumers had not been given enough information before they entered into contracts.
# Goodness Gracious
Did you see the massive fireball over Ireland last night?
And by any chance did you see where parts of it landed?
# See Ya
Vodafone lost 278 customers A DAY in 2014
The telecoms giant is struggling to compete in the 4G data pack market here
# Look Up
This fireball tore across the night sky yesterday evening? Did you see it?
A photographer in Dalkey managed to capture this amazing shot over Dublin.
# northern star
Hundreds of us saw that 'giant fireball' this week --- but where did it land?
Hundreds of sightings were reported to Astronomy Ireland, from all over the country.
# love nan
Irish granny gets iPhone, accidentally sends multiple texts to Meteor
Love, Nan.
# Pre-order
Here's what the new iPhones will cost in Ireland
All the networks are offering them on 24-month contracts.
# Sky at night
In need of a wish? This week is your best chance of catching a shooting star
The annual Perseid meteor shower reaches its peak this week.
# Scam
Meteor mobile customer? Be aware of this text scam
The mobile provider said that people should be careful with any suspicious texts and offers.
# great balls of fire
Police dashboard camera captures meteor fireball over a motorway
The meteor broke into pieces as it entered Earth’s atmosphere, and could be seen from the ground.
# Shooting Star
Ireland could* be the best place in the world to see a stunning meteor shower tonight
*Weather permitting of course, but it’s not looking too good right now…
# look to the skies
Russian dashcam captures meteorite falling to earth
The Russian meteor is not as bright as last year’s.
# space oddities
Space rocks spark 'gold rush'-style frenzy in hills of South Korea
Hundreds of people have been scouring hills and rice paddies in the hope of a ‘bonanza’ after a meteor shower shower near the city of Jinju.
# seeing stars
An 'extremely bright' fireball was spotted over Ireland
If you did, you weren’t alone.
# Meteor
And the winner of the Meteor Choice Music Prize for album of the year is...
Drumroll, please… unless you already guessed from the photograph.
# switchover
Eircom has more mobile customers than landline, but they still don't bring in as much cash
Meteor and eMobile earned revenue of €180 million in the six months to the end of December compared to €499 million for fixed line services.
# Astronomy
Did you see the fireball that broke up over Ireland last Friday evening?
The meteor was seen all across Ireland, but is thought to have only lasted a couple of seconds.
# Coverage
Vodafone begins rolling out 4G service across Ireland
The service is now available in six cities and 31 towns across the country.
# Checklist
What you should consider before buying a smartphone
Because getting the right deal is just as important as the smartphone you pick.