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# Micheál Martin

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28th May 2023 - 3rd June 2023
# abortion laws
Independent review of abortion laws should not be treated as ‘gospel’, says Varadkar
The review recommended several changes to Irish abortion laws, including scrapping the three-day ‘cooling off’ period.
# climate action
Govt say EPA report 'doesn't tell the full story' and won't concede targets will be missed
Coalition leaders say some modeling is not contained in the EPA report.
# roster tensions
It is 'inevitable' the health service will have to move to a seven-day roster, Tánaiste says
HSE chief Bernard Gloster said last week he is seeking to introduce a “permanent” seven-day working roster for hospital staff.
Taoiseach Leo Varadkar also said a seven-day roster is something the government will be discussing with the healthcare unions.
The INMO on Wednesday revealed that 11,856 people were without hospital beds in May.
'Winter trolley numbers in May': INMO slam hospital wait times as almost 12,000 without beds
Explainer: Why are HSE bosses calling for a ‘permanent’ seven-day roster for hospital staff?
# sinn féin surge
Sinn Féin support growing at the expense of government parties, poll shows
Sinn Féin support is at 34%, while Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil are on 20% and 15% respectively.
# Garden of Remembrance
Taoiseach and Tánaiste to attend national Civil War commemoration in Dublin today
Last Wednesday marked 100 years since the end of the Irish Civil War.
Last month
May 2023
# Northern Ireland
Talk of additional funding for Stormont 'significant', says Tánaiste
The Stormont parties have said they will need at least £1 billion of extra funding from the British government to manage budget pressures in a future Executive.
# tensions
Government must act with coherence, Martin insists as he moves to cool tensions
The Fianna Fáil leader said he had told his TDs that it would be ‘far better’ if they worked through Government processes on the upcoming Budget.
# Housing
Dublin Fire Brigade to tell TDs that fire safety will be 'integral' to use of rapid-build homes
Traditional building methods have undergone a vast amount of large-scale testing, an Oireachtas committee will hear today.
# irish neutrality
Tánaiste questions Triple Lock and calls for greater NATO links in major defence policy speech
The opposition have criticised the use of a consultation forum rather than a citizens’ assembly.
# National Security
'No need' for Coveney to correct Dáil record on RAF deal but Tánaiste giving issue 'ongoing reflection'
Previously Simon Coveney, as then Minister for Defence and Foreign Affairs, denied there was a deal.
# Chief of Defence
'Radical' change to Irish Defence Forces command structures to be brought before Cabinet today
The changes will see a Chief of Defence (CHOD) created and legislation drafted to completely change the strategic command of the Irish Defence Forces.
# the ditch
The Ditch calls Sipo complaint example of 'illiberal attacks' by the Tánaiste and Fianna Fáil
Senator Malcolm Byrne has written to Sipo regarding the roughly €1 million euro in funding it receives from Paddy Cosgrave’s Web Summit.
# peter brooke
Tánaiste pays tribute to former Northern Ireland secretary Peter Brooke who died, aged 89
Brooke is remembered for ‘paving the way’ to the Northern irish peace process.
# Housing
Micheál Martin: It's 'possible' Ireland can build 40,000 new homes a year to meet demand
The Tánaiste says Ireland’s construction industry ‘could go even higher’.
# Up In The Air
Tánaiste claims that Ireland 'does not rely' on a secret deal with RAF to police Irish skies
Gary Gannon called for the Tánaiste to appear before the Oireachtas Defence Committee.
# Explanation
Showing every match on RTÉ 'not realistic' - GAA responds to paywall backlash
The association has been heavily criticised for showing Munster hurling games on GAAGO instead of free-to-air television.
# irish chinese relations
How relationships with China are shifting due to Ukraine and an overturning of local norms
Tánaiste Micheál Martin delivered a landmark speech on Irish-Chinese relations earlier this week.
# women of honour
Women of Honour concerned about role of Department of Defence in new abuse Oversight Board
The whistleblower group has asked Tánaiste Micheál Martin to consider listening to them on the setup of a truly impartial Board.
# Micheál Martin
Tánaiste says he stands by Dáil comments about The Ditch and Paddy Cosgrave
Martin described The Ditch as “a political organisation” that wanted to attack and undermine confidence in the government.
# Defence Forces
Further engagement promised with Women of Honour after draft terms of reference circulated
Minister of Defence Micheál Martin met with six representative groups today.
# Sudan
246 Irish citizens evacuated from Sudan as warring parties agree to seven-day truce
The latest advice from the Department of Foreign Affairs to Irish citizens in Sudan is to ‘shelter in place, remain indoors and observe local restrictions’.
# china-ireland relations
Martin calls on China to use its 'considerable influence to end Russia’s war' with Ukraine
In a speech today Tánaiste said Ireland must be “clear-eyed” about China’s strategic goals.
# Ireland China relations
Tánaiste to signal shift in China policy, will say Ireland will not be 'naïve or silent'
Micheál Martin, the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Defence, is due to speak at the Royal Irish Academy’s Annual International Affairs Conference.
Micheál Martin is due to make substantive remarks on China this afternoon.
He will warn the private sector and academia to be aware of any risks that involvement with China may expose them to.
'Walking a fine line': Ireland, China and the UN Security Council
FactFind: How deep is Ireland's trade and investment relationship with China?
April 2023
# the ditch
Editor of The Ditch defends website after criticism from Micheál Martin
Eoghan McNeill said he had thought ‘thanks Micheál, do you have anything to say about the actual story that we published?’, upon hearing Martin’s remarks.
# Sudan
Fighting continues in Sudan despite ceasefire deal being extended by three days
There have been multiple truce efforts since fighting broke out on 15 April between Sudan’s army and the paramilitary group RSF.
# Operation Irini
LÉ William Butler Yeats to be sent to Mediterranean as part of arms embargo on Libya
Opposition TDs had raised ethical concerns about the mission’s work with the Libyan Coast Guard.
# Controversy
Niall Collins: How Limerick County Council came to sell land to the Fianna Fáil TD's wife
Collins had not responded to the allegations until last night.
# recycling
Tánaiste pledges review of waste collection as Dáil hears clashes over Panda's brown bin charge
Smith said that waste privatisation was to blame for the fact that some households would be paying close to an additional €100 a year on bin charges.
# summer 2023
Govt summer priorities: Renters' rights, safe access zones, vaping rules and late-night pubs
A new pension system and a ban on conversion therapy are other issues to be addressed.
# Agreement25 Conference
DUP will not be 'brow beaten' to restore powersharing, says Donaldson
Earlier, Chris Heaton-Harris claimed a restoration of the powersharing institutions was the surest way to secure Northern Ireland’s place in the UK.
# The Troubles
Amnesty International calls for Irish Government to ‘put a marker down’ over UK’s legacy Bill
The legislation proposes offering immunity for people accused of crimes during the Troubles – as long as they co-operate with a new truth recovery body.
# Defence Forces
Ex-vaccine tsar to chair oversight body formed in wake of Defence Forces abuse probe
New laws will be required to establish the oversight body on a statutory basis.
# Defence Forces
Public forum examining Ireland's neutrality to be held in Dublin, Galway and Cork in June
Micheál Martin says there is no preconceived outcome to the debate.
March 2023
# military abuse
Ex-army officer tells Dáil of offence culture & need for Chief of staff powers to suspend wrongdoers
Cathal Berry, TD, calls for discipline powers to be given to Chief of Staff to deal with alleged abusers in military.
# kicking off
Ceann Comhairle threatens to suspend Dáil amid shouting, says public would be 'disgusted'
The Ceann Comhairle got to his feet to call for order after a tense exchange between Pearse Doherty and Micheál Martin
# military abuse
DF Chief of Staff: 'Perpetrators of abuse don't belong in our organisation and will be held to account'
A report published yesterday details a raft of structural failures in the organisation.
'Sadistic violence' in DF: Soldiers put in barrels with animal remains or chemicals for 'hazing'
A report by
Christina Finn
‘Tubbing’ is one of the hazing process within the Defence Forces described in the report published yesterday.
# Defence Forces
Tánaiste says victims of sexual assault within the Defence Forces should contact the gardaí
Today’s report finds there is a higher risk of rape and sexual assault incidents occurring while members are on overseas duties.
# women of honour
Govt to carry out 'study of deaths by suicide' in the Defence Forces over past 20 years
Micheál Martin met with the Women of Honour group to discuss the report yesterday.
# Defence Forces
Women of Honour group to meet with Tánaiste despite 'concerns' about 'pointless' review
The Women of Honour group said they have only agreed to attend ‘out of courtesy’.