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Last month
November 2023
Former OpenAI boss Sam Altman to join Microsoft following shock sacking
OpenAI has appointed Emmett Shear as its new CEO despite reported pressure from Microsoft and other major investors to reinstate Altman.
This year
EU labels tech giants 'gatekeepers', announcing new law aimed at cracking down on monopolies
One of the law’s main aims is to stop larger players crushing the progression of smaller potential rivals by gobbling them up through takeovers.
Microsoft to stop packaging Teams with Office in bid to head off EU anti-trust action
The move comes after a formal investigation was opened over concerns that the tech giant had an unfair edge over competitors.
Microsoft-owned LinkedIn to cut over 700 jobs and close China app
LinkedIn was one of the few US technology companies to successfully operate a social media site in China, where the internet is heavily regulated.
Microsoft's €62bn buyout of Call Of Duty-maker Activision-Blizzard is blocked by UK regulator
Microsoft and Activision have both said they will appeal the decision.
Microsoft to cut additional 60 jobs from Irish workforce
It comes a month after the company cut 120 jobs in Ireland as part of global cost-cutting measures announced in January.
Microsoft Ireland staff informed of 120 job losses
Last month, the tech giant announced that it would cut around 10,000 jobs globally.
Microsoft and Google go head-to-head with new products aimed at winning AI tech battle
The two Silicon Valley titans are rushing into the space after the ChatGPT bot caught the imagination of web users around the world.
Microsoft investigating issues with Teams and Outlook as thousands report disruption
Users have been having difficutli
Varadkar says Ireland will be affected by Microsoft job losses
Varadkar is attending the World Economic Forum in Davos this week.
Microsoft says it will axe 10,000 employees over poor economy
The tech stalwart cut jobs twice last year.
Last year
Microsoft avoids paying tax in many countries by using Irish subsidiaries, study finds
Microsoft Singapore Holdings posted profits from dividends of €23.1 billion in 2020 but announced a tax liability of just $15.
Apple, Google and Microsoft agree to support ‘passwordless’ sign-ins
The technology giants have said they will back a new sign-in standard that could replace written passwords.
Is the metaverse the internet of the future? Or 'an old idea that's never worked'?
“The world will see the metaverse for what it is: mostly lame,” says one critic.
All time
Ireland is holding out on the historic global deal on corporate tax. Why? And at what cost?
Ireland is one of just nine countries out of 139 to reject the deal.
Bill and Melinda Gates announce they are ending their marriage
The couple have been married for 27 years.
Microsoft says Russian hackers are 'stepping up' cyberattacks targeting US presidential campaigns
Tech giant Microsoft said today it has detected and thwarted a number of hacking attempts in recent weeks.
China accuses US of 'political suppression' after Trump's executive order targeting TikTok
The order comes into effect in 45 days and appears to ban transactions with the Chinese owners of the app.
Explainer: TikTok is on the block but why has Donald Trump given Microsoft 45 days to make a bid?
A September deadline looms for the blockbuster acquisition.
Microsoft reportedly in advanced talks to buy US TikTok operation
The reports emerged as US President Donald Trump said he would ban the Chinese-owned app in the US.
Bill Gates quits Microsoft board to spend more time on philanthropy
He started the company with Paul Allen in 1975.
Amazon, Microsoft and Intel may be putting world at risk through killer robot developments, study says
The report surveyed major players from the tech sector about their stance on lethal autonomous weapons.
Voice-control startup SoapBox Labs is working with Microsoft to prove its tech can go global
It is running a pilot in 20 schools that will help children with their literacy skills.
Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen dies of cancer aged 65
The billionaire founded the software giant with Bill Gates in the 1970s.
'Primal fears come out': The conditions inside the Thai cave and how the rescuers are getting the boys out
Brían MacCoitir of the Irish Cave Rescue Organisation says the rescue mission is one of the most complex he has ever seen.
Spectre and Meltdown: What you need to do to keep your computer safe
Patches have been issued to help protect against the flaws.
Leo, Zuckerberg and Tim Cook: Varadkar's mission to woo US tech companies
Microsoft, Facebook and Apple – the Taoiseach made pitstop visits to them all this week.
Looking for a new job? Microsoft is hiring another 200 people in Dublin
After all the roles are filled, it will bring the number of Microsoft employees in Ireland to 2,000.
Bebo and Microsoft's founders are pumping cash into this retail tech startup
Dublin-based Pointy has closed a series A round of investment worth $6 million.
Lost US Navy warship found seven decades after it was sunk in the final days of World War II
The location of the ship was unknown as no distress signal was sent.
MS Paint isn't being scrapped - but you will have to download it
Paint has been part of the Windows operating system since Windows 1.0 was released in 1985.
Microsoft is getting rid of Paint after over three decades
Paint has been part of the Windows operating system since 1985.
People are in mourning as it's just been announced that Microsoft Paint is being scrapped
Childhoods everywhere are ruined.
Microsoft to cut thousands of jobs - but impact on Irish staff 'will be minimal'
The tech giant announced a major investment in its Irish operation earlier this year.
How Volkswagen is developing the car of the future virtually using HoloLens
Volkswagen is using augmented reality goggles to develop its next-generation of models.
TVs used to spy on people? Tech industry keen to reassure public following Wikileaks hack
Apple, Microsoft and Samsung have all said they’re looking into the report.
Looking for a new job? Microsoft says it is hiring 600 people in Ireland
The tech giant has big plans.
Today's your last chance to upgrade to Windows 10 for free
If you don’t, you will have to pay €139 instead.
Windows has a 20-year-old flaw that lets printers install malware on your PC
Thankfully, a patch for it has been released.
Everyone is taking the piss out of this cringey email from Microsoft to its 'bae interns'
It contains the phrase “hella noms”. *dies*