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5th December 2023
UK salary threshold for overseas workers to raise to €45,100 under plans to cut migration
There are also plans to stop health and care workers from bringing family dependants.
This year
Poland and Hungary clash with EU leaders at informal summit over new migration proposals
The Polish and Hungarian leaders prevented the leaders from including migration in a joint statement of the summit’s conclusions, causing the meeting to end on a sour note.
Taoiseach: Ireland may pay EU countries rather than accept more refugees under migration pact
Leo Varadkar was speaking at the European Political Community Summit, where he also held a meeting with UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.
EU reaches 'historic' new migration deal to help ease pressure on Italy and Greece
The new deal will seek to relieve the pressure on so-called ‘frontline’ countries, such as Italy and Greece, by relocating some arrivals to other EU states.
More than 2,500 migrants dead or missing in Mediterranean in 2023
The migrants and refugees “risk death and gross human rights violations at every step”.
UN refugee agency rejects UK Home Secretary's comments about migration
Suella Braverman appeared to suggest that fearing discrimination for being gay should not be enough to qualify for asylum in the UK.
Housing Minister condemns 'misinformation' letters distributed in Dublin with Fianna Fáil logo
Darragh O’Brien said it was “clear someone went to great lengths draft, print and circulate” the disinformation.
Debunked: Conspiracy site Infowars used fake claims about Ireland as evidence of 'white genocide'
A comment given by a CSO worker to a committee has been taken as evidence of a non-existent government plan.
Barry Andrews: Several false narratives surround migration and asylum seeking - here are some facts
The MEP looks at some of the common views and misconceptions around immgration.
First asylum seekers arrive on board Bibby Stockholm barge in Dorset, England
Home Office minister Sarah Dines said people arriving in the UK via unauthorised means ‘can’t expect to stay in a four-star hotel’.
MEPs pass resolution calling for EU-led search and rescue mission in Mediterranean
The resolution requires EU members and Frontex to provide vessels, equipment and personnel to contribute to an EU-led search and rescue mission.
Spanish coastguard searching for three boats lost at sea after rescuing one found in distress
During their searches yesterday, rescuers found a boat carrying 78 sub-Saharan migrants who were taken to Gran Canaria island.
EU-bound migrants attacked and violently deported from Tunisian coastal city of Sfax
Hundreds of angry residents massed in the streets of Sfax yesterday evening demanding the eviction of all illegal migrants.
Poland and Hungary block EU summit over migration
Countries struck a deal earlier this month but Poland and Hungary fiercely oppose the plans.
'Fortress Europe': NGOs and MEPs critical of EU following migrant Mediterranean tragedy
A report by
David MacRedmond
Last week’s tragedy off Greece took place a week before World Refugee Day.
79 dead and over 100 rescued from sunken migrant ship off Greek coast
Along with navy vessels, the rescue operation included an army plane and helicopter as well as six other boats that were in the area.
Debunked: Video arguing migrants will damage Ireland relies on false claims and statistics
‘Our children’s future is in peril’, the video says, citing news organisations with strong racist links
US pandemic-era border laws lapse as Democrats hit out at Republicans over 'political football'
Tens of thousands of people are expected to try to cross into the US in the coming days.
US braces for 'chaotic' border scenes as Covid rule deterring migrants expires at midnight
Rules in force from Friday will mean anyone who enters the country illegally will face a much tougher task to prove their case for asylum.
Dutch court rules asylum seekers cannot be sent back to face 'mistreatment' in Italy
Many European countries, like the Netherlands, are calling on Italy to comply with the Dublin rules.
Opposition TDs raise concerns about proposed naval mission in the Mediterranean
An amendment was also added to the government’s motion by Social Democrat TD Gary Gannon.
Care to comment? Readers on Journal Media have a new way to log in
Access to commenting via Twitter or Facebook will cease.
Care to comment? Readers on Journal Media have a new way to log in
Access to commenting via Twitter or Facebook will cease.
Rescue crews search for survivors after at least 64 people die in shipwreck off Italy
The boat, which broke apart off Italy’s southern coast yesterday, is believed to have been carrying around 170 people.
More than 50 migrants die in boat wreck off Italy, including young baby
The boat sank in stormy seas in the early hours of this morning.
Tens of thousands march through Dublin in show of solidarity with refugees
The large demonstration follows a wave of anti-immigration protests.
Leo says don't be afraid to talk about migration - but politicians struggle to find the words
Some politicians say the issue of immigration is now the number one issue on their doorsteps.
'There is so much fear': Activists speak ahead of today's Ireland For All march
“As a black, proud, Irish woman, I am scared.”
'Borders must be managed': How Ireland and the EU are reacting to Europe's latest migrant crisis
A report by
Stephen McDermott
Tensions abound across the continent about how to manage an upsurge in refugees.
Problems managing an upsurge in refugee arrivals are facing European leaders as a whole.
NGOs say that no amount of tough rhetoric or measures will stop people from seeking refuge on the continent.
EU agrees tougher rules for failed asylum-seekers as leaders call for border surveillance
The measures are a response to increasing European concern over rising irregular immigration.
No plans to cut off Ukrainian refugee supports, Varadkar says
The Taoiseach told reporters earlier today that the Government needed to take a “fair, firm and hard” approach to migration.
All misdemeanour charges against Irishman Seán Binder in Greece dropped
Indictments were thrown out this morning following a recommendation from the prosecutor.
All misdemeanour charges against Irishman Seán Binder have been thrown out by a Greek court following a recommendation from the prosecutor.
However he still faces felony investigation for charges that carry prison sentences of up to 25 years.
Last year
Two-month-old baby dies in migrant shipwreck off Lesbos
The baby boy was taken to hospital, where he was pronounced dead.
Biden blames smuggling industry for migrants' deaths in Texas disaster
US police are investigating the grim discovery of about 50 bodies in and around an abandoned truck.
UK judge allows government to send asylum seekers to Rwanda
Home Secretary Priti Patel said the government will now continue to deliver “on progressing our world-leading Migration Partnership”.
The Good Information Podcast: Migration - a contentious issue facing the EU and Ireland
Are the EU’s policies towards migration helping those in need – or just the EU?
Undocumented migrants need government schemes to gain access to services, says ESRI
‘In cases where a migrant’s residence becomes undocumented, care should be taken to ensure they are not afraid to access basic services.’
250 undocumented migrants approved so far to stay in Ireland under new scheme
Around 5,000 applications have been made.
All time
Bodies of 28 migrants found on Libyan coast
Libya has become a key departure point for people from Africa and Asia attempting to migrate to Europe.
Pope calls Europe's neglect of migrants 'the shipwreck of civilisation' during Lesbos visit
The pontiff said Europe was “torn by nationalist egoism”.