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# the live mike
This 1983 RTÉ report from a Cork theme park called 'Beverly Hills Wonderland' is just brilliant
Its full name is actually ‘Beverly Hills Wonderland, the Disneyland of Ireland’.
# Spin and Win
15 contestants Winning Streak wouldn't be the same without
Did you send in your three stars this week?
# more please
5 Irish icons we'd like back in our lives, please
# Punk'd
Want to humiliate your mates on national television? Look no further...
… while we’re at it, let’s have a look at Mike Murphy’s Candid Camera best bits.
# Said and done
Lunatics and a reunited Ireland: The week in quotes
“I honestly think it is damaging the national psyche.”
# Art Attacked
A public service buyer mini-boom? A guide to the Irish art world... takes a deeper look at the international art market and discovers a mini-boom among retired public servants in Ireland and billionaire battles between the Russians and Chinese.
# The Arts
Mike Murphy warns RTÉ about the dangers of 'too much news'
Murphy said there was a lot of “nervous nellies” around Donnybrook yesterday before his guest slot on Pat Kenny’s radio show over what he was going to say.
# the persuaders
The 10 celebs championing ‘Ireland’s Favourite Paintings’
RTÉ reveals the rest of the list arguing the case for each of the top ten… what do you think of it?
# Masterpiece
What is Ireland's favourite painting?
RTÉ’s latest reality contest hopes to increase awareness of Ireland’s rich public art collection.
# Opinion
Column: Cardinal Rules - On Bertie Ahern vs Steven Seagal
This week, the (not) Primate of All Ireland was torn between the Bertie interview and a Steven Seagal movie on TV – and learned that the two men are not as far apart as you would think…
# Bertie
Watch: Ahern believes he could have played 'key role' during downturn
The former Taoiseach says he would have been far happier dealing with the crisis then “out twiddling me thumbs”.
# Familiar faces
RTÉ announces 110 new and returning series in autumn schedule
Familiar faces like Mike Murphy, Gráinne Seoige and Zig and Zag will join the likes of Jedward on RTÉ’s screens this autumn.