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'You don’t have to be male, middle-aged and born into the right family to be rich in Ireland – but it helps'
Journalist Joe O’Shea delved into the world of Ireland’s rich list for a two-part programme due to air this week.
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People are pretty unimpressed with the standard of contestants on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?
Hard questions or shite contestants?
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"You realised you could do anything - go on any holiday you wanted."
There has been over 800 jackpot wins of one millionaire or more since the National Lottery started in 1988.
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UK Lotto millionaire accused of defilement and rape of an underage Irish girl served with book of evidence
The British man was arrested in Dublin in July after he travelled to Ireland to speak to the teen’s mother about his relationship with her daughter.
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UK lotto winner facing trial for allegedly travelling to Ireland to have sex with teenager he met online
The man has been released on bail to appear in court again on Friday.
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Butcher says he got back to deboning turkeys after finding out about his Lotto win
A butcher from Mayo won €20,000 while a family from Carlow collected €100,000 today.
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This man claims to have made $15 million from finding golf balls... but is it possible?
Glenn Berger takes on alligators and other hazards but says the risk is worth the reward.
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Fancy being a millionaire hacker? It's easier than you might think
Learn some code, pick up some Russian… and be ok with living a criminal life. Easy as 1,2,3…
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Soccer millionaire Angel Di Maria sold for 20 footballs
Poor clubs across South America are getting ready to celebrate stars like the Argentina international.
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Is this a museum of modern art or a truck driving school?*
*Spoiler alert: It’s a truck driving school.
Opinion: Are you SURE you'd like to be a millionaire?
Whether through hard graft or pure chance, the life of the super-rich isn’t all rosy.
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Millionaire asks partner of 30 years to stay on as housekeeper after replacing her with younger woman
He couldn’t understand why she ‘became aggressive’.
Time almost up for UK EuroMillions winner to claim prize
If you bought a £2 EuroMillions lotto ticket in Herfortshire, East England in June you have until 11pm tomorrow to claim your €79 million prize.
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Anti-virus guru McAfee sought by police in murder investigation
John McAfee, creator of McAfee anti-virus software, is on the run from Belizean police who want to question him about the murder of his neighbour.
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Tetra Pak millionaire admits delaying wife's burial for two months
Hans Kristian Rausing said he had been unable to accept his wife’s death and left her body in their London mansion for two months.
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Body of Eva Rausing found wrapped in bin bags, London court hears
Rausing’s husband has been charged with delaying her burial after her body was discovered in a state of decomposition at the couple’s mansion in London.
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Champagne on the train to Wexford: How to celebrate a €2.7m Lotto win
Matthew Moran eschewed a limo for the 16.30 to Wexford for his return journey from Lotto HQ yesterday evening.