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# no service
Virgin 'working to resolve' issues affecting mobile customers
Some customers have had no service since this afternoon.
# nooookia
9 intense struggles only those who owned a Nokia 3210 will understand
Your first phone was the best phone.
# Investment
Want to switch mobile networks? There's a new one on its way
It’s being set up by Carphone Warehouse, but it won’t be here till July 2015…
# apple sim
Apple quietly announced a new Sim card that could shake up the mobile industry
It allows you to quickly switch between carriers.
# driverdistraction
Using a mobile while driving is comparable to driving drunk
That’s according to Gay Byrne who was speaking at the RSA’s annual conference today.
# stupidphones
18 things everyone knew before smartphones
Bring back the Nokia 3310, the Motorola Razr, polyphonic ringtones and non-predictive text.
7 mortal dangers of sending a text message
We’re living life on the edge with every single text.
# no so smartphone
6 signs you're suffering from nomophobia
Apparently more than half of Britain suffers from a fear of being away from their mobile.
# Net Neutrality
EU wants to ban mobile networks from blocking Skype over 3G
The European Commission wants to guarantee net neutrality by stopping carriers from selectively blocking services.
# Tech wars
Firefox smartphone system challenges Android and iOS
The operating system, which was displayed in Spain yesterday, is due here this summer.
# Phone scam
Regulator says mobile users shouldn't pay price for Slovenian scam
ComReg says it has worked with mobile networks so that users are now unable to return calls to a Slovenian premium line.
Nick Leeson: Using puppets for Anglo musical is very apt indeed.
Former trader Nick Leeson can’t believe he wasn’t a shoo-in for Anglo: The Musical – but he’s pretty confident that puppets are the right choice to play inaminate objects who can’t take control of their own situation.
# Mobiles
Pay-as-you-go mobile charges are 20 per cent above OECD average
But contract plans in Ireland are cheaper than in many other countries.
# Daily Fix
The Daily Fix: Tuesday
In tonight’s Fix: Latest on ‘SOPA Ireland’; radical changes for taxis; and who’s in trouble over Eye Of The Tiger?
# Mobiles
Introducing a new mobile network... for young people only
The network, called 48, will be low-cost but only for people aged 18-22.
# iPhone
iPhone self-combusts on regional Australian flight
One Apple customer was shocked to see that his iPhone 4S had started glowing and emitting smoke during a flight.
# Media
Less than 10 per cent of students get their news from newspapers
New secondary school survey from CSO shows students get their news from television and the internet.
# Your Say
Poll: How old should you be before you get a mobile phone?
A new survey has shown that over a third of kids aged 8 now owns a mobile. Parents seem happy with this, but what do you think?
# Talk 2u l8r
One third of 8-year-olds own a mobile phone
A survey of Irish parents, conducted by Tesco Mobile, shows that 37 per cent of kids aged 8 has a mobile.