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# Mogadishu

This year
Six civilians killed in Somalia hotel siege
It ended at around 2am after a fierce gunfight between security forces and militants.
Last year
At least four dead in hotel siege in Somalia's capital Mogadishu
Al-Shabaab, a militant group affiliated with Al-Qaeda, has claimed responsibility for the attack.
At least 100 people killed by two car bombings in Somalian capital
The president, prime minister and other senior officials were meeting to discuss efforts to combat violent extremism.
Death toll in Somalia hotel siege climbs to 21
21 people have died and 117 have been wounded in the assault that began on Friday evening and lasted over a day.
All time
Death toll rises to 78 after truck bomb explodes during rush hour in Somali capital
Mayor Omar Mohamud Mohamed said that university students were among those killed.
At least 20 people killed in Somalia truck bombing
Government security official Mohamed Aden said that bombing took place in a busy part of the city.
Eleven people killed as gunmen hold hostages at Somali city restaurant
The attack began when a car bomb exploded outside a Pizza House restaurant in the Somali capital of Mogadishu.
At least 11 people killed in 'horrific' bombing at busy Somali market
The death toll is likely to rise.
At least 19 dead after bomb blast in Somalian seaside resort
After a huge explosion, gunmen burst into the restaurant yesterday evening as diners were sitting down for their evening meal.
16 dead following al-Shabab attack in Somalia's main court complex
The preliminary death includes all nine attackers.
Captors kill hostage in Somalia during French raid
The hostage, known as Denis Allex, had been captured in 2009.
Ireland to provide €3 million in vital aid to Somalia
Eamon Gilmore announced the funding during a trip to the capital Mogadishu today.
Bomb attack targets packed refugee camp in Somali capital
Two people have died in the explosion which occurred shortly after a UN and media visit.
MSF "deeply shocked" by staff killings
The staff members were killed in Mogadishu yesterday. MSF has said today that some staff members are to be relocated from the compound there for security reasons.
Two Doctors Without Borders staff "shot by fellow employee"
The incident involved a disgruntled former employee and took place in the Somali capital of Mogadishu today.
Somali militants ban 16 aid groups and UN agencies
The Islamist group has banned Concern, UNICEF, the World Health Organization and UNHCR – amongst others – from operating in the country, where 250,000 people face the immediate risk of starvation.
Car bomb hits Somali capital Mogadishu
This is the second bombing in Mogadishu in the past month. People have been leaving the city in droves (pictured) in recent weeks.
Somali children given guns and grenades in radio contest
Islamist group al-Shabab gave the prizes to children aged between ten and 17 after testing them on their knowledge of the Koran.
750,000 Somalis now at risk of death from famine - UN
The UN says a fourth region in southern Somalia is now suffering from famine – meaning half of the south is now in crisis.
WFP investigating serious food aid theft in Somalia
Families at makeshift camps say that once photographers leave, they are forced to hand over their food aid.
Somali children reportedly recruited by extremists
The United Nations has warned that children are being targeted for recruitment by the Somali militant group who are working to overthrow the country’s unstable government.
Seven shot dead during food distribution in Mogadishu
Reports from Somalia say that seven people died after looting broke out at a World Food Programme distribution point in the capital.
After two years UN aid delivered to Islamist areas of Somalia
It’s the first time aid has been delivered to some parts of the country in two years
More than 50 peacekeepers killed in Somalia fighting
African Union peacekeepers have been fighting insurgents linked to Al-Qaeda in the war torn African country.
Suicide car bomb kills six in Mogadishu
At least half a dozen people, including children, have been killed in a suicide attack in the Somali capital
Bomb attack on Somali airport
Mortar attack kills 4 peacekeepers
Four Ugandan peacekeepers have died following Somali Islamist group al-Shabab mortaring the presidential palace.