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# Alive alive oh!
A lump was placed on Molly Malone's breast to see if anyone would notice
The stunt was part of a new campaign, Take Notice, for Breast Cancer Awareness month.
# Alive alive oh!
'People can be a little too familiar with me, not my fault I’m stuck in this dress': Molly Malone finally speaks out
Malone will be voiced by actress Maria Doyle Kennedy and is one of eleven talking statues around Dublin.
# Quiz
Which Dublin Statue Are You?
Are you more ‘Tart with a cart’ or ‘The prick with a stick’?
# diddies
It's official: tourists can't keep their hands off Molly Malone's boobs
People can’t keep their paws to themsekves.
# made a boob of it
Facebook banned this Irish author's book cover because of Molly Malone's cleavage
They later apologised.
# diddies
Facebook banned this Irish author's book cover because of Molly Malone's boobs
Leave Molly Malone alone!
# Showjumping
Ireland's teenage showjumping star still has a great chance of winning the World Cup final
Bertram Allen and Molly Malone are still in the medal positions after the second round in Las Vegas.
# Winning
Irish teenager leads the show-jumping World Cup final
Bertram Allen is the man to catch after round one.
# Bread and Milk
Molly Malone's baskets are full of food tonight
Do you know why?
Stephen Fry is in Dublin and just tweeted his own (accidentally) X-rated version of Molly Malone
Dublin’s fair city where the girls are so pretty…
# alive alive o
Someone stuck a Cork jersey on Molly Malone last night...
The Corkonians have taken one of Dublin’s most famous landmarks for their own.
# Gaza
Israel's Irish embassy deletes picture of Molly Malone in niqab
The pictures also showed European landmarks with weapons such as suicide bombs.
# alive alive no
Someone vandalised Molly Malone's cleavage...
Molly had only made her comeback in Dublin’s city centre last Friday.
# alive-oh and kicking
Flame-haired children and crooning pensioners steal the show at Molly's 'comeback event'
Molly Malone’s had a makeover — and she’s back on show at a new, temporary home on Dublin’s Suffolk Street…
# milky bars on me
Irish teenager has the ride of his life AND wins €50,000
‘Trip to Las Vegas for me, sugar lump for you’.
# quite the pair
Two ministers and a famously brassy lady in a wooden box. What could go wrong this time?
“It’s okay touching the shoulder, isn’t it? It’s one of the safe areas?”
# Support
16 of our favourite 'Mayo for Sam' tributes
In no particular order…
# Alive alive oh!
Has Molly changed allegiance for Sunday?
Spotted in Dublin.
# fair balls
New show explores bloody-minded passion of Dubs fans on Hill 16
Fair Balls T’Yis features 50 Dublin fans on a mock-up of Croke Park’s famous terrace.
# Choons
The Thai Tims are supporting the Dubs with their version of Molly Malone
Are they going to release a Mayo song before September 22nd.
# Alive alive oh!
Molly Malone, Lady Grattan and Thomas Moore to be moved in coming months
Most monuments will be stored, but the popular tourist attraction will cry cockles and mussels from St Andrew Street.
# muscles and muscles
So, Molly Malone's on Twitter, picking fights
In Dublin’s fair city, no less!
# Travelling Statues
Could Molly be the next to emigrate?
Molly Malone could be following thousands of her fellow citizens to Australia shortly.
# Yarnarchists
Now it’s Molly Malone’s turn to be yarnbombed
Renegade knitters yarn attacked Dublin’s Molly Malone last night. Here she is in a range of other get-ups over the years.
# pic of the day
Puzzling Picture of the Day
Anyone know what’s up with Molly today?
# Fáilte
Don't drink Murphy's or call people British and beware of Coppers - CNN's Dublin advice
CNN has published a guide for people coming to Dublin, warning them of tourist traps and recommending some gems.