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13 of the greatest moments given to us by last night's locked Late Late audience

What a time to be alive.
Feb 13th 2016, 10:09 AM 31,561 3

LAST NIGHT’S LATE Late was a Valentine’s special and it was almost too much to handle.

Come with us, as we guide you through the best bits.

1. The audience were all single and they arrived to the studio in a conga line

Help us, HELP US.

2. They played Blind Date, and Dublin lad Deano stole everyone’s heart

AND he actually ended up winning the date, only to proclaim his love five seconds later.

3. The f-bomb was detonated

Lord blessus and saveuss.

4. A shiftcam was a thing, YES A SHIFT CAM

Yes, the Late Late Show thought it would be a good idea to put a camera on two random strangers and force them to kiss. This pair were the definition of CRINGE.

5. Every dated crooner you could imagine made an appearance

We’re talking Chris DeBurgh, Johnny Logan, and Bonnie Tyler.


They were LOVING IT.

6. This woman was devo there was no Daniel O’Donnell though

7. The audience were LOCKED

8. The line of the Goddamn century was served to you

9. This woman gave the most Irish reply EVER to why she wanted to go on a date

10. And then dumped him for the MOST IRISH REASON EVER

11. Did we mention that the audience was LOCKED?

12. They all got condoms

13. Then started chanting about Coppers at the end



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