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# Sorry
Serie A monkey artist apologises
Simone Fugazzotto told La Repubblica he was misunderstood.
# Finglas
Three people released from custody after gardaí seized guns, drugs and a monkey in Dublin
Gardaí investigating organised crime gangs carried out a number of raids yesterday.
# spider monkey
Monkey dies after being hit by car following escape from Belfast Zoo
An investigation is under way as to how the spider monkey escaped the enclosure.
# Monkey Business
In Malaysia you can send your macaque to a school where it learns how to pick fruit
For a small fee people across the country send their macaques to the famed school.
# Investigation
13 monkeys die in fire at safari park in England
Other animals in the same enclosure appear to be unaffected.
# Kilkee
Strange animal limb washed up on beach probably a seal, says expert
The local dog warden is keeping the limb in his freezer.
# uncle fat
Morbidly obese Thai monkey placed on strict diet after years gorging on junk food
“He had minions and other monkeys bringing food for him,” a vet said.
# candid
Indonesia's 'selfie monkey' threatened by hunger for its meat
The native Indonesian monkeys are eaten by locals who compare them to ‘wild boar or dog’.
# signed sealed delivered
Wild animals, including monkey called Stevie Wonder, escaped at Fota seven times in one year
The animals were never in danger or a threat to any visitors, a spokesperson said.
# Monkey Business
Research reveals 'highly unusual' behaviour of male monkey trying to have sex with female deer
The study is only the second on the phenomenon of inter-species sex.
# Libya
At least 20 killed in fierce fighting in Libya after incident 'sparked by monkey attack'
Witnesses said several homes were hit by rockets and shells in the confrontation.
# Naruto
Judge rules selfie monkey can't own photo copyright
PETA petitioned the court to have the macaque “declared the author and owner of his photograph”.
# brass monkeys
Guy offends monkey, gets the comeuppance he richly deserves
Don’t be rude.
# me and my monkey
A monkey met some puppies for the first time, and it was absolutely adorable
Too much cute. Can’t cope.
# chunmun
Couple to leave all their money to their pet monkey
They say they have raised the monkey ‘like a son’.
# damn dirty ape
Monkey steals a sandwich from a tourist's bag and eats it, like a boss
# Monkey Business
Ah nothing, just a little monkey having a shower in a sink
Water charges or no, she’s getting clean.
# greetings
Baby monkey gets adorably over-excited when granny comes to visit
Reunited and it feels SO GOOD.
# Monkey Business
Chat show host teases monkey and gets a slap in return
Just give the monkey the damn grapes.
# duckface
This monkey stole a camera and used it to take hilarious monkey selfies
Monkey’s selfie game is STRONG.
# that was unexpected
You will not believe what the highest grossing film in the world was last weekend
It earned a whopping $46 million.
# foolish human
Monkey orders stupid human to crush leaves for it
And then has to teach useless human how.
# going ape
Adorable little girl makes instant friends with gorilla
And smooches it. Ew, gorilla cooties.
This monkey is a tightrope walking genius
Quite the balancing act.
# world of celebs
The Dredge: You can touch Justin Bieber's monkey... a REAL monkey, you filthy scuts
All the best of the day’s celebrity duuuurt…
# monkey see monkey do
VIDEO: Dexter the monkey sees his reflection for the first time
And gets the fright of his life.
# ikea monkey
Ikea Monkey's owner mounts protest to get him back
Is he cold without his coat?
# Monkey Business
Monkey found at Ikea... wearing nice warm coat and nappy
It was described as a “smart monkey”.
# Racism
VIDEO: Violent brawls mar England Under 21s’ win over Serbia
Sunderland player Danny Rose was sent off after the final whistle amid a chorus of boos and racist jeers.
# Monkey Business
Man caught trying to board plane with monkey in his pants
# Help
Chimp seeks help from zoo visitor in escape
Chimpanzees are getting smarter it seems. They are now ‘asking’ zoo visitors to help them escape.
# baboon
Baboons can learn to spot real words - study
Baboons are able to identify recurring patterns and determine which four-letter combinations are real words, new research shows.
# The Zoo
VIDEO: Dublin Zoo's newborn baby giraffe takes its first steps
Also, have you ever seen a pygmy marmoset – the world’s smallest monkey – so small that it’ll fit in the palm of your hand?
# Lost and Found
Monkey long-believed to be extinct discovered in Indonesia
A team of scientists hoping to capture footage of leopards and orangutans on Borneo island last summer got much more than they bargained for…