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# Putin the boot in
The EU is getting tough on Russia. Well, kind of...
Former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev warned of a new Cold War atmosphere emerging.
# Russia
Over 130 people have been arrested at an anti-Putin protest in Moscow
Alexi Navalny, a leading critic of the Russian President, has also been arrested.
# Progress
Ukrainian rebels have been offered very limited self-rule
It comes as Ukraine and the EU ratify an association agreement that Poroshenko called the first step towards EU membership.
# slap on the wrist
The EU is targeting Russia's oil and AK47s in its latest round of sanctions
Meanwhile in Ukraine, the UN has launched a food aid operation in the war-torn east of the country.
# red devil
Ukraine church leader says Putin has been "possessed by Satan"
Separately, Ukraine’s President Poroshenko and Putin have agreed that the ceasefire agreed yesterday is largely holding.
# Breaking
Ukraine has agreed a ceasefire with pro-Russian rebels
The Ukrainian President has ordered his troops to cease fire at 4pm.
# raising the stakes
For the first time, Vladimir Putin's raised the prospect of giving east Ukraine 'statehood'
His comments dramatically raise the stakes in the ongoing crisis.
# Hmmmm
Ukraine captures Russian paratroopers, but Moscow says they crossed border "by accident"
“I didn’t even see when we crossed the border,” one soldier said, in footage posted online…
# From Russia With No Love
Russian fails five times to have his wife assassinated, ends up in jail
The man did not want to split his wealth with his wife.
# Careful Now
Ukraine isn't going to let Russia's 'humanitarian convoy' across its border
Russia insisted its military would not be involved in the convoy, but Kiev said Moscow could only play a role as part of a broader Red Cross mission.
# One of a Kind
Dunne one of the few latter day Irish stars worthy of comparison to Charlton generation
The defender has retired from international football at the age of 34.
# Legend
5 of Richard Dunne's most memorable performances in an Ireland jersey
The Irish defender announced his retirement from international football last night.
# Alexander Litvinenko
Britain to hold public inquiry into fatal poisoning of former Russian spy
Russian dissident Alexander Litvinenko was poisoned in London with radioactive tea eight years ago.
# Derailed
Ten people killed in Moscow metro derailment
Another 106 people have been taken to hospital.
# Offensive
Kiev promises 'restraint' as army nears rebel Donetsk
Francois Hollande and Angela Merkel have urged for a political solution to be reached.
# Rebels
Ukrainian president aims to ease fighting with week-long ceasefire
Russia has demanded an apology after a customs officer was wounded at a border checkpoint.
# Violence
49 dead as pro-Russian rebels shoot down Ukrainian troop plane
The US has also accused Russia of sending tanks and weaponry to the rebels.
# Inspirational
8 tweets which show how good Richard Dunne was in the play-off final today
The Ireland defender was named man-of-the-match following today’s game.
# diplomatic incident
Russian diplomat for talks over Charles' Putin-Nazi comment
The heir to the British throne apparently made the remark during a trip to a museum in Canada.
# Victory Day
Pics: "Hello comrades!" - Putin celebrates Russia's victory over Nazism by visiting Crimea
11,000 troops also marched in Red Square as part of Victory Day in Russia.
# Russia
Russia thinks harsh sanctions imposed on its banking sector are illegal
Sanctions are preventing Russian service suppliers from exercising their trading rights fairly, a trade delegation has said.
# May Day
May Day protests in Turkey turn violent with 90 injuries and 142 arrests
Meanwhile in Moscow, over 100,000 turned out to voice their support for Vladimir Putin.
# crisis
Russian military exercises on Ukraine border could be 'expensive mistake'
US Secretary of State John Kerry warned refusal to take steps to end the crisis would be costly for Russia.
# ukraine crisis
EU ministers send further Putin warning, as White House says Ukraine escalation comes "with a cost"
Tensions have been rising over the past 48 hours, with pro-Kremlin militants seizing official buildings in orchestrated attacks.
# Donetsk
The situation in eastern Ukraine is continuing to escalate
Gunman have seized a police station, a security building, and hundreds of weapons.
# supply and demand
EU gas shortage concerns, as Putin threatens to cut-off Ukraine's supply
Nearly a third of the EU’s natural gas comes from Russia, and about 13 per cent transits through Ukraine.
# Moscow town
1994 Wexford car spotted in Moscow... today
Lost lads?
# burundi
From massacres and malnutrition to hope and healing - Burundi and Rwanda 20 years on
Deo Niyizonkiza survived a massacre in Burundi – escaped to New York – but returned to his native country with a plan to help thousands.
# Time Travel
While most clocks move forward one hour tonight, Crimea will jump TWO hours
Crimea will be moving to Moscow time by setting their clocks forward by two hours tonight.
# shots fired
Russian forces storm Ukraine airbase. Reports of soldier shot.
Shots were fired as armoured vehicles entered the Belbek base near Sevastopol, after a deadline to hand the complex over to Russia expired.
# ukraine crisis
Welcome to Russia... Putin plans firework display to mark Crimea accession
The Russian President has signed off on legislation to absorb Crimea into Russia. He says he will holding off on any return punitive measures, following the announcement of US sanctions.
# Gay Rights
White says gay laws will ‘stigmatise and criminalise’… but won’t say that to Russian counterpart
Junior health minister Alex White told the Russian LGBT Sport Federation that Ireland disagrees with last year’s anti-gay propaganda law.
# ukraine crisis
93 per cent of Crimeans want to re-join Russia: exit polls
Crimeans have been going to the polls to decide on whether to leave Ukraine and join Russia. Tánaiste Eamon Gilmore has condemned the ballot as ‘illegal’.
# Veto
Russia isolated as China abstains from UN vote on Crimea
Moscow has vetoed a resolution criticising tomorrow’s succession referendum in Crimea. China, which often backs Russia, abstained from the UN vote.
# crimea crisis
"Putin, get out of Ukraine": 50,000 turn out for anti-intervention rally... in Moscow
The march comes on the eve of Crimea’s vote on whether to secede from Ukraine and join Russia.
# Gay Rights
Alex White to discuss LGBTI concerns with civil rights groups in Moscow
The Junior Health Minister will be visiting the Russian capital as part of the government’s St Patrick’s Day “Promote Ireland” programme.
# hotline
'Violation of sovereignty': Obama and Putin hold hour-long phonecall on Ukraine crisis
Obama said Russia had violated Ukraine’s “territorial integrity”. Meanwhile, Russia’s parliament has indicated it will back plans for a referendum in Crimea.
# crimea watch
"A big public show"... Russia Today hits back after anchor quits live on air
“I’m proud to be an American and believe in disseminating the truth” the newscaster said. Her bosses say she should have “quit like a professional”, in private.
# escalation
"Frightening and dangerous": Taoiseach hopeful Ukraine crisis can be solved through diplomacy
The EU has condemned Russia’s “acts of aggression” in the region and called on Moscow to recall its troops from their deployment across Crimea.
# ukraine crisis
Putin calls end to 'military exercises' as Kerry heads to Kiev
The Russian President has called an end to the drill near Ukraine’s border involving army, navy and airforce troops.