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11 of the most Irish things to ever happen at Dublin Airport

Nov 13th 2015, 4:06 PM 12,497 1

airport Source: Flickr


1. Yes, smuggling meat is one of our national talents.

Tweet by @Éilis Ryan Source: Éilis Ryan/Twitter

2. Where else would you get this sort of welcome home?

Tweet by @Ciara Source: Ciara/Twitter

3. JFK, Enda Kenny and, er, Martin Sheen

Tweet by @Kevin Twomey Source: Kevin Twomey/Twitter

You guys know he’s not a real politician, do you?

4. Very worthwhile use of security, tbh.

soss Source: Flickr



6. Dublin Airport: where they call you “blossom”

Tweet by @Miriam Source: Miriam/Twitter

7. The most Irish Mam sign of all time

8. Our sense of humour is never far

watch Source: Flickr

9. D’aw!

Tweet by @Dorcas Crawford Source: Dorcas Crawford/Twitter

10. The most Irish welcome of all

Tweet by @Mr.Tayto Ireland Source: Mr.Tayto Ireland/Twitter

11. Ah Ireland: where you can justify bringing almost anything with you on account of “going to a stag”

Tweet by @Murray Kinsella Source: Murray Kinsella/Twitter


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