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10 of the most politically correct things that ever happened

Please do not be offended.
Nov 1st 2014, 6:00 PM 61,542 41

THE WORLD HAS gone mad. Well, just politically correct.

These things are crossing the line into TOO PC.

1. This game of chess

sf52GAq Source: Imgur

2. This paragraph

kGB37 Source: Imgur

3. This sign

Politically-Correct-Ride-Sign Source: Lazerhorse

4. These gingerbread men

yJzV4tU Source: Imgur

5. This version of Little Red Riding Hood

6v61qIf Source: Imgur

6. These culturally sensitive markers

BvLxkH6IEAAryrv Source: Cat_Pierce

7. This holiday bobble

happy-whatever-doesnt-offend-you Source: Twentysixdollars

8. This restroom that doesn’t discriminate

BoF-rmjCcAA9S5M Source: aaronrobinow

9. This hot chocolate marshmallow snow ‘being’

Bam_JynCAAAhdyK Source: nashty2013

10. This t-shirt

79b356dc1afef90afb06d2227a7d1bdb_xlarge Source: Sodahead

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