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13 things anyone who's moved 'up to Dublin' will understand

How often does YOUR mother ask if you’re coming home?
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1. When you first arrived, O’Connell Street was one of the only places you knew. Now it’s the place you avoid.

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2. You have realised that no matter where you’re from, Dubliners will always think of it as ‘the country’

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Ah well, their loss.

3. Your country friends think you’ve developed a Dublin accent while your Dublin friends insist you sound like you moved up yesterday despite having been here 14 years

4. You are now hugely judgemental of people at the Red Cow/Heuston who don’t know how to use the Luas ticket machines.

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5. That said, your first year felt something like this:

6. After a while, you stopped paying attention to people shouting at each other in the street

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7. The food is great and all, but there are a few essentials missing


8. You actually really like Dublin, but there are people you’d never admit that to

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9. You can impress friends or family with your ability to stand up on the Luas/Dart/bus without holding on to anything

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10. You roll your eyes when visitors ask to go to Coppers, and insist you know much less obvious places. Then you bring them to Whelans.

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(Insert local delicacy here.)

11. But on the whole, your friends/family from home don’t come and visit you. You go to visit them.

The only exception is when there’s something good on in Dublin, when they will ALL want to crash at your house.

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12. You have no idea what a long weekend looks like in Dublin

Because to you, it looks like this:

Source: Graham Hughes/Photocall Ireland!

13. And finally, you know the endless questions about when you’re coming home

Which begin approximately two days after your last visit

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