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This is the best account on Instagram

Hold that pose.
Sep 4th 2013, 5:28 PM 5,069 2

GUYS, WE’VE BEEN using Instagram wrong all this time.

Leave it to user ‘mrpimpgoodgame‘ to show you how it’s done.

Mr Pimp currently has over 18,000 followers on the social network, despite having 95 photos of largely the same thing–his smiling face.

goodgame Source: Instagram/mrpimpgoodgame

OK, OK, the backgrounds vary–from car, to sofa, to car, to bed, to sofa…

Is this possibly elaborate social commentary on the extreme vanity of constant photographing of one’s self? Or does he just think he’s really attractive?

Either way, take a bow goodgame, you truly are the king of selfies.

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