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Mrs Brown's Boys D'Movie: What Twitter thinks versus what critics think

An important comparison.
Jun 30th 2014, 5:15 PM 9,463 9

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MRS BROWN’S BOYS is famously a show that critics hate and audiences love.

And it just had the biggest opening weekend for an Irish movie ever.

So we’ve collected some choice quotes from reviews of the film, and compared them with Twitter reaction from people who’ve seen it. The results are… informative.

1. “Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie is the least fun I’ve ever had in a darkened room.” (Alan Corr, RTÉ)

2. “Some of the jokes are reheated, ancient, appealing to those who haven’t watched anything since Bottom.” (Gavin Burke,

3. “A flatly indifferent cash-in.” (Mike McCahill, Guardian)

4. “There is surprisingly little to laugh at here, and some of the racial and gender stereotypes are more than a little insulting.” (Brogen Hayes,

5. “Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie’ is relentlessly crude, utterly devoid of any cinematic qualities and, most crucially, completely unfunny.” (George Byrne, Evening Herald)

6. “The problem is a very simple one – it’s just not very funny.” (Philip Nolan, Irish Daily Mail)

7. “This isn’t funny. It isn’t even unfunny. It’s something close to anti-funny.” (Robbie Collin, Telegraph)

So now.

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