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# Murder Mystery

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# the seznac affair
A century-old French murder remains a mystery after 'animal' bone found
Guillaume Seznec was found guilty of his business partner’s murder despite no body or murder weapon being found.
# Murder Mystery
Lord Lucan declared dead 42 years after he mysteriously disappeared
He vanished after the family’s nanny was found dead at his home.
# peter watts
Police appeal for answers - 40 years after the mysterious death of a boy found under a bridge
On a Sunday in 1976, Peter Watts left his home in Wales to do homework with a friend. He was found dead in London hours later.
# California
Mystery surrounds murder of tantric sex guru found dead on hiking trail
Steve Carter ran the Ecstatic Living Institute with his wife, but was shot dead earlier this week.
# it makes cents
Galway event promoter pays litter fine entirely in 1c and 2c coins
That’s 150 smackeroonies. In coppers.
# Halloween
6 fun things you can do for a spooky adult Halloween
If Halloween is more about pushing yourself to the limits of terror than gorging on sweets, these options might appeal to you…
# R.I.P.
Just one more thing: Peter Falk, TV’s Columbo, dies at 83
One of TV’s most legendary detectives – who won four Emmys for his performances – dies at home in Beverly Hills.