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11 moments that made My Super Sweet 16 the most iconic MTV show

If the phrase “Well isn’t it WELL for ye?” was a TV programme.
Jan 24th 2017, 2:00 PM 19,412 6

my-super-sweet-16-1485187100 Source: Hearstapps

NOTHING SUMS UP the excesses of the early 2000s quite like MTV’s My Super Sweet 16, in which a host of very spoiled teens planned completely over-the-top birthday parties.

Yesterday, it was announced that MTV is casting for a new series of the show – and to celebrate, we’re reminiscing on some of our favourite moments.

1. Audrey having a sh*t fit because she got her Lexus on the wrong day

Source: shitstinx/YouTube

The moment that came to define the entire show.

giphy Source: Giphy

2. Lorcan, and the time My Super Sweet 16 came to Dundalk

He abseiled into the Marshes shopping centre to hand out his invites.

the marshes Source: YouTube

He demanded to enter the party with two huskies, and two Irish Models on either side of him.

lorcan3 Source: YouTube

And he was not settling for anything less than the perfect baby blue suit.

Source: Adrian Dunne/YouTube

“In my view, Blackrock [Co Louth] is the OC of Ireland,” he opined at one point. Iconic.

3. Darnell and his rather famous date

rihanna Source: MTV

Oh yes, that’s Rihanna. When Rihanna was just starting to become Rihanna. And he brought her in on a camel. Rihanna!

4. Marissa dying her dogs pink

marissa-super-sweet-16-pink-poodles__width_580 Source: MTV

They didn’t go with her all-pink theme originally, you see.

5. Scarlett, who was 12 but insisted on having a Super Sweet 13

Source: Hue Hueh/YouTube

*struts in with sunglasses on and sheaf of notes in hand* “This…really isn’t working.”

6. Teyana Taylor’s Barbie doll entrance

teyana Source: Yahoo/MTV

Teyana Taylor (who you might know these days from Kanye West’s Fade video) entered her Sweet 16 as a life-size Barbie, complete with box, and became the envy of every teenage girl.

7. Amberly, who was taken to Paris to buy her party dress

super-sweet-16-amberly-perfume-mtv__width_580 Source: MTV

Amberly’s da forked out $300,000 for the party, including $7000 for the Parisian dress. She also concocted a special perfume to give to her guests. Would you be well?

8.  Lacey, who rode into her party on an elephant

pbsaouyytepzxa3wgzlv Source: Complex

She also had snakes. “Why me?” – the snake.

10. Sophie, who was just a holy terror

maggie Source: Tumblr

She laid into her mam for suggesting she get her morning donuts in a more convenient shop, roared at one of her friends (who was helping her!) for no reason, and regularly spouted stuff like this:

giphy Source: Giphy

11. And Ava, who was lifted into her party by a gang of hunky college polo players

ava_06-1423490236 Source: MTV

Who she of course picked out personally. The LIFE!

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