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# Mythbusting

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# Mythbusting
Here's what those ads about ovulation cycles you've been seeing on Instagram mean
Just call us The Mythbusters.
# Mythbusting
Sorry folks - scientists say there's NO CURE for a hangover
The author of the study has one recommendation for avoiding the dreaded hangover. (But you’re not going to like it).
# Mythbusting
Nutrition myth of the week: Sugar is bad for your health*
Dr. Richelle Flanagan explains why not all sugar is bad for your health.
# Mythbusting
How many of these nutrition myths do you still believe?
Four plates of pasta won’t always help you..
# Mythbusting
We've debunked Irish schools rugby's greatest mystery - Why don't Roscrea play in Munster?
The school is one win away from their first ever Leinster Schools Senior Cup triumph.
# Mythbusting
Book claims conventional pregnancy 'wisdom' is wrong
Pregnant college professor decided to crunch the data on commonly-held perceptions about what to eat, drink and how to behave in general when carrying a baby.
# myth-busting
The truth behind 5 old wives' tales
Sitting too close to the TV? Swallowed chewing gum? Worried chocolate causes spots? Relax – it’s not as bad as you were led to believe.
# Mythbusting
Don't believe the hype: Dalglish did not tell FSG to spend pay-off on new players
Meanwhile, Andre Villas Boas will reportedly discuss the vacant manager’s job at Anfield next week.